Capital Punishment

The topic of Capital Punishment has been of great interest to me over the
past few

years. During the Michael Curley case three years ago, I opted to be a death

advocate. I remember because we had a heated debate in my Introduction to

Science class. The summer following that academic year, I chose to do some

independent research on the topic. It is from that time, and that research
that I have

switched to the other side of the argument and strongly advocate against the


It will always be a tough question. There are plenty of cliches and arguments
for and

against the death penalty that will contradict one another. My strongest

against implementing the death penalty is that no one has the right to play
God. Yes, it

was wrong for the perpetrator to commit the original crime, but do two wrongs
make a

right? What is there to gain from killing the individual who committed the
murder? Is

that not a Catch-22? In my opinion, if the government is going to have the
audacity to

say that killing is wrong and should be punished by death, there is
tremendous fault in

this policy. I also find fault in the policies that call for the death of teh
accused in certain

instances. I don’t believe that any one person’s life is more valued than

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