Canadian Constitution

What does every man deserve? The Canadian Constitution states, “Every man shall deserve equal rights under the law.” Sister Helen from Dead Man Walking says, “Every man deserves a second chance.” My mother rarely hesitates to mention, “Every man deserves a good kick in the ass.” Like most things in life, the answer to this befuddling question is an ironic one: what every man deserves is something no man would ever admit to wanting.

Throughout the history of western civilization, males have always been perceived as the dominant gender. They have historically possessed more rights than women have, and were granted many more privileges. Even today, men are generally thought to be “stronger” than women, resulting in a natural discrimination towards females. It is natural that women would find this ridiculously unfair, and they, as unified bodies, began fighting for sexual impartiality. From within this battle, however, a controversial concept emerged: feminism. The mentality in the female population was, “anything you can do, I can do better,” and countless mind-numbing debates ensued. As society progressed, women eventually prevailed and the sexist perception of male dominance faded, only to reveal an awkward state of equality.

Society today is a harsh compromise between feminist ideals and social tradition. In our attempts to make our culture “politically correct,” all we have accomplished is corrupting the system of gender privilege equity. The Canadian Human Rights Act guarantees that “No person shall be denied the opportunity of employment based on…sex.” Since the application of the HRA in 1985, women nationwide have abused the legislation varying degrees; it is not uncommon to hear of a woman suing her employer for wrongful termination based on discrimination of sex. The whole notion of sexual discrimination often overshadows all other facts; what if the woman was terminated because her performance was genuinely not to par? Women scream for equality in an environment where it already exists, and men are the unwitting scapegoats of this incandescent yelling.

The essential problem is that women, in their fight for gender equality, were too successful. A prime example is the “affirmative action” of the Canadian government in the early 90’s, in which establishments practiced preferential hiring. To receive government grants, these establishments needed to hire staff “more reflective of Canada’s population.” Men are now being discriminated against, while at the same time being prosecuted for supposedly “sexist” comments and actions. Even in pop culture, many male icons are marketed as shallow, sexist Neanderthals; Homer from “The Simpsons” is just one example among many.

The key to a truly unprejudiced society lies in the answer to my original question: “What does every man deserve?” Every man deserves to be treated like a woman.