Camelot: Merlin

We all at one point or another dream. Imagine you are in another place
or a another time, the future maybe, even maybe the past where years, days,
centuries, minutes all irrelevant if you have imagination. I now dream of a
time and place were men have such things as bravery and honor. I now speak of
Camolot. The legendary castle wear Merlin the priest, Merlin the magie, and
Merlin the wise is supposed to have lived. I am not the only person to dream
this dream, many play writers and actors have shared this wonderful trip through
time and space to where we may all interpret an event as we see fit. I will
now show you who the real Merlin was and whom actors have made him out to be. I
will then draw a parallel between the two times. I shall also tell you how
merlin him self became part of this dream...
Merlin, a man, or just stories to amuse everyone , myths, legends, or
tall tails such as Santa Clause or the Easter bunny. Like the real King Arthur
who was (really a 6th century ruler) transported through time to better fit the
needs of the populas. The "transporting" begins in and around the 15th century.
A man by the name of Thomas Malory felt the extreme need to give France, his
country, a hero(s) in a time of great disappear. He felt it necessary to do this
because the feudalist time in which he was living in, was slowly dying. He
thought that if he could show people how many great hero(s) came out of this
time period it would revive and flourish once more. He then turned to history
to find such a hero. As needed to remedy the situation he found King Arthur of
Britain. Even though a English man or a Britainian, he was said to be the best
ruler to date (1500\'s.) Now that King Arthur has been chosen and changed a
little to fit in with chivalry, part of feudalism he now needed a teacher.
Researching even further he found a Druid priest by the name of Merlin.
Druidism is and was a religion that delt with nature. There temple,
church, meeting place, what ever you would like to call it, was a grove or
thicket. They made sacrifice of animals and offered wheat, rice, and other
grains. It was believe that Druid people were magical or even demons and
monsters of some sort. Merlin was (as said before) infact a Druid priest.
Merlin was a thinker and a very wise man. It was said that Merlin was the son
of a demon, his father was not very popular man so to speak. He was a count and
was not loved by his people for his choise of religion. It was also said that
he was all knowing and all seeing. For this reason he was choosen and hand
picked to be a part in the Legends of King Arthur. He was estimated to have
lived some time in the 4 or 500\'s. So now the whole process of transportation
has been explained.
Movies have portrayed Merlin in so many ways that I shall only pick a
few to share with you. The first film that I shall share and review for you is
The Sword in The Stone, a cute and amusing animated story for all ages but never
the less it shows a side of Merlin that is not seen any were else. Yes of
course it shows the person who uses magic and all that kind of stuff, but he is
a comedian, he helps the young King Arthur learn to be a fair ruler and how also
to be a well respected man. Even though it is a cartoon it is still a little
comical about the part. Merlin uses his magic to turn a bad lady in to a number
of silly animals. The real Merlin did not use magic. Nor to the best of any
body\'s knowledge did he turn any body into a number of silly animals. This
shows that as said in the first paragraph some one just made him out to be from
there imagination.
Next on the line up is Excaliber. In this story Merlin is portrayed as
a unsung hero. If it were not for him King Arthur would have lost a war. He
went out on his own battled the evil Morgana sister of the king. She had put a
spell on