Calcium Resume



You probably know that calcium is an important role in building
healthy teeth and bones, but there are many other things that calcium has
positive affects on. For example while women are pregnant, if their daily intake
of calcium increases it will lower her blood pressure. By lowering her blood
pressure it will make the pregnancy much safer for herself and her child. There
is evidence that pregnancy induced high blood pressure is a serious
complication during pregnancy and could put the mother and child at risk.

During pregnancy isnít the only time additional calcium intake is
good. It may actually lower your risk for kidney stones. Calcium is vital to
every cell of your body for nerve transmission, muscle function, blood clotting
and many other uses. When you dont get enoughh calcium in your diet the
calcium in your bones is taken to help supply the rest of your body with its
need of calcium.Taking your daily recommend amount of calcium can help you
avoid the bone lose disease known as Osteoporosis.

Find Calcium In ....

1. Milk (skim and low fat)
2. Tofu set with calcium
3. Yogurt
4. Orange Juice (calcium fortified)
5. Cereal (calium fortified)
6. Mozzarella Cheese (part-skim)
7. Canned Salmon with Bones
8. Collards
9. Ricotta Cheese (part-skim)
10. Bread (calcium fortified)

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