Café RPM

English 1301


A place that stands out in my mind is a place that I miss very much and have fond memories of. I used to go to Café RPM two, three, and sometimes even four times a week. The restaurant and coffee bar was owned by some very good friends of mine who I pretty much consider family. I would always look forward to going to RPM for great food and just to have friendly conversations.

Café RPM was a restaurant like no other. Once in the door of this quaint café would reveal something different and exciting. Performance racing car parts lined the wall along with many car related posters. Many of the tables and bar stools were made from donated wheels from Ferraris and other racing cars. But even with all the amazing furnishing inside, one could not help but to walk back outside to ogle the spectacular cars parked outside.

Each night, at seven o’clock, would bring a different racing team to show off their custom cars. I have been into automobiles for as long as I can remember and Café RPM was a personally favorite dinning place. I could always expect to see a slew of awesome cars and the people who drove them. I would be amazed for countless hours listening to the intense stores from the racing would. I also swapped stories and tips myself with the Café RPM crowd. But one can only listen to stories for so long on an empty stomach.

I could always count on a great meal from Café RPM. The food there was second to none. The hamburgers were huge and piled high with delicious garnishing. The fries, always perfect with just the right amount of seasoning. The chai, by far, was the best in the world. Chai is a type of tea made with milk and prepared like a coffee. Some of the chai was even like sweet juice. All of the chai was homemade with green tea. The green tea was also made from scratch for the perfect taste. The amazing food and friendly atmosphere made for the perfect end to a hectic day.

Café RPM was not just any café; it was a place where friends could come together and where friends became friends. It was a place where great food was just an order away. It was also a place where a bad day could be turned around. Café RPM was not just any café; it was a home away from home. But unfortunately, Café RPM closed just a few months ago. I still keep in contact with the owners who tell me they are going to open another Café RPM elsewhere later in the future. Until they reopen another café, I will have the great memories.