C.E.R.E.S Progression Report

Essay Subject: C.E.R.E.S Progression Report.

My class is studying VET at C.E.R.E.S located at East Brunswick, and the subject we are taking is Horticulture, Module 1 & 2. It’s quite enjoyable, leads us to plenty of motivation. And the thing we’ve learnt about things we do there. We have to do all those core subjects [Planning, Communication in the Workplace, Maintaining the Workplace, Occupational Health Safety.] To get the best marks out there is to follow those core subjects. Currently we are mainly doing Landscaping project, which includes machine and things such as Chainsaw, Axes… Our responsibility is to take the trees down, etc. We are doing this cause the big tree’s taking over the Solar Panels, which may be the important thing to C.E.R.E.S estate, because the solar panels giving out Electricity. Before we do the Landscaping Project, in the morning we feed morning food to Farm Animals and check their Water, Beddings.