Undoubtedly, a good business is made up by a good product. However this is not enough. From the beginning a close look should be considered to staff and it’s working conditions.

The staff is important because is the one who physically works. Thinking at staff , we can figure a group of people that spend time in the workplace. But in fact , “THE STAFF” must be a team, and to achieve this each member of the group must be considered.

The quality of the group is given by the quality of each element. So we can say that the more educated members we have the bigger value of the staff is. But this isn’t a general truth. Besides education I’ll say that same importance can be given to dedication to the work, to the business itself.

It is very important for the management to know how to make their employees to feel that they are part of the business. To do this, they should treat everybody with respect, give a sense of belonging, good workers should be rewarded properly and all critics shall be made in construct manner.

They should also take care of the work conditions and shouldn’t be stingy. The work facilities must be kept at acceptable standards.

The organization of different events, where workers can come together and have a good time, helps to make a group become a team.

On the other hand, bad working conditions, will make employees to lose their desire of work, and their efficiency will be lost.

Further more we shall consider the product, which is the reason of the business. As a result, the management must know how the product is satisfying the market. Such information proceed from researches on market which can be expensive if it wanted to be accurate.

This process of collecting the information belong to a close loop where the business itself it’s adjusted.

In conclusion, I believe that both the staff and the product is important for a business. There is no good business running where one or the other is ignorant.