Business Plan Component

Section: 3

Subject: Cust and Comp

Company Name: Citigroup

Sources: http://www.

Stock Quotes: 28.00, 27.52

The products of Citigroup Travelers Life and Annuity corporation is the different insurance plans that it provides for its customers. When protecting family, there\'s mortgage protection, dependent protection, and college funding to aid family financial status. They also offer a life insurance plan. Also other Citigroup companies and mergers offers different products and services such as banking, investing, billing, and much more. Saloman Smith Barney is an investment bank. Citibank provides banking services for the average user.

The major competitor for Citigroup is JP Morgan. The kind of market is financial services such as the need to invest in the future or insurance. Citigroup is "America\'s biggest company". Their gross sales revenue comes out to be $14.1 billion this past year beating General Electric for the number one spot.

The corporation was ranked by market value, assets, sales and profits. In 2001, Citigroup defeated 2000 champion General Electric for top place. This year, fortunately, Citigroup defeats the same company for the spot. According to the sales, Forbes ranked Citigroup number 1. Citigroup is among one of the best financial service industry in the world.

The customers for Citibank will be people managing their finances in the bank, transferring sums of money through the bank. For other major financial services the corporation provides, big companies such as Enron and Corillian Corporation are customers of Citigroup. Investors are also customers since they trade and transfer money throughout the corporation.