Business Firms – McDonalds

Year 9 Commerce Assignment

Back in the early 1950’s Ray Kroc, distributor of a five-spindled milk shake maker called the Multimixer, had heard about the McDonald\'s hamburger stand in California. This hamburger stand was using eight Multimixers at a time. Upon hearing this Ray Kroc decided to check it out for himself. He was astounded at how many people were able to be served at one time. He then pitched the idea of opening up several restaurants to the brothers Dick and Mac McDonald.

The first ever McDonald’s was opened in Des Plaines in 1955 and made nearly $400 on their first day of sales. The success of McDonald’s spread as more and more stores where opened. In 1965 McDonald’s went public by offering stocks on the stock exchange. And it was in 1968 that the world famous Big Mac was created by one of Ray Kroc\'s earliest franchisees, Jim Delligatti.

Today McDonald’s is the world\'s leading food service retailer. It is one of the world\'s most valuable and well-known brands. Located in 118 countries, serving 46 million customers each day and a total of more than 30,000 restaurants.

During the 33 yrs that McDonalds has been operating in Australia, many positive effects have come from it. Consumers have a far easier choice of food for everyday consumption as well as the added conveniency. McDonalds has directly created hundreds of thousands of jobs for many Australian workers. Also, by choosing Australian made produce for use in their restaurants, many more jobs are indirectly created. This use of Australian produce also adds money to the Australian economy.

With the rate of obesity in children and adults growing larger by the day, many blame this on the easy availability of highly fatty junk foods, like that sold at McDonalds. Many people will chose a readily available Big Mac over a healthy, time consuming, vegetable dinner. Many have disputed the fact that McDonalds “targets” children because of the fact that they are young and can easily be manipulated. Adults too have been misguided by the use of the slogan “healthy food” in relation to the highly saturated McDonalds products. McDonalds has been blamed as just one of the ways in which Australia is slowly being Americanised.

In my opinion McDonalds is a business with the same goals and standards as any other. The fact that it may be targeting, misguiding or deceiving people is not unlike things which any other business does. It does bring a lot to Australia and its people, despite what people may say. If it keeps its high standards and continues to sell in Australia then as long as it tastes good, I think everyone will continue to go out of their way to find a McDonalds anyplace they can.