Bush’s Good-News Agenda

EN102 E


TITLE: Bush’s Good-News Agenda


Magazine Name: Newsweek off Internet

Date and Pages: 10-14-03 pgs 1of 5

o List and define three words you need to look up[most difficult]

o Morbidly – Grisly, Gruesome
o Hermetically- Airtight
o Chasm- Gorge

2. What is the topic of the article? Is the President telling the truth or the media falsifying the information.

3.What is the main idea [thesis] of the article? The President think Iraq is ready to govern themselves, and many people from Bush’s administration think other wise.

4.What is the author’s purpose? The author is trying to say, the media is spreading false information to the people of the United States. There are still bombings going on.

5. What details does the author use to help make the point?

1. Life on the ground is too dangerous and too complex for U.N 2. WhiteHouse officials believe that reporting on Iraq in the words of one “publicized”

3. Bush administration blames media for this parallel universe.

6. List three facts stated in the article?

1. “ There’s been tremendous progress since Saddam Hussein fell”

2. “ This is not the dismal, frightened area expected to see having watched the news coverage in United States over the past six months.

3. The European critics saying the council “ will embody the sovereignty of the state of Iraq

7. Cite at least one opinion expressed in the article? “ We have a very difficult security situation which has a compelled us to reduce our presence drastically.

8. Was article easy to understand? Yes

o Why or Why not? This article deals with what were facing today, The rebuilding of Iraq.
10. Evaluate the article? 1. The media is always spreading false information to the public.

2. The Iraqi government is not ready to take control of Iraq.

3. There was a recent bombing at a hotel that killed U.S security officers.