Bush and Kerry

Excuse me ,but I could not agree with your cousin.I believe Bush has been an excellent president though he made some errors through his term.Either in the field of anti--terrer or domestic issues,like unemployment and inflation,Bush did a rather great job.I couldn\'t figure out why your cousin argued that Bush did little.US economy is strong and is getting stronger and is creating more jobs,Saddam is being held,etc.No doubt Clinton and Regan were remarkable leaders.

Yes,we have another candidate named Nardar for Green Party,but ,he got 2% ,sadly.Sorry, I am not too sure about Al Gore.Well,what do you mean by "kerry win by default"?Could you explain it a little bit?

For me, Bush will win .Firstly,Kerry is still a green hand in political field,he hasn\'t been a governor ,just a senator,so it isnot enough.Secondly,Kerry is far behind in terms of raising funds for campaign.Without money ,you can do nothing in US.Thirdly,Kerry hasn\'t been knowed by people.Even for me,I know little about Kerry,so,It is risky to vote for Kerry,a stranger,right?Forthly,Kerry is not able to build alliances with other nations,thus,US will not feel safer.Fifthly,Kerry is a senator from Massachusette,that he is separated from MIddle America.Sixthly,Bush is a token of Upper Class of America,thus,he get support firmly by mainstream .Seventhly,No president has gone out of office in term unless he made a huge mistake.

So,all in all,Bush is the winner.Stronger at home,respected in the world. "Bush,once again".See PLUS below.

PLUS,I couldn\'t agree more that most people hate Bush.----Anybody but Bush.Why is it so?Because people we met are mostly common people or a symble of Middle Class or even Lower Class ,that they hate Bush ,a token for Upper Class.Also,they just judge a president mainly for going to war against Iraq.I want to say in the end that you can never judge something of someone superficially.