In our high tech world, what was once a complicated electronic task is no
longer such a big deal. I\'m talking about "bugging". No, I don\'t mean annoying
people; I mean planting electronic listening devices for the purpose of
eavesdropping. Bugging an office is a relatively simple process if one follows
a few basic steps.
First, a person needs to select the bug. There are many different types
of bugs ranging from the infinity bug with which you can listen in on a
telephone conversation from over 200 miles away to an electaronic laser beam
which can pick up the vibrations of a person\'s voice off a window pane. The
infinity bug sells for $1,000 on the black market and the laser for $895. Both,
however, are illegal.
Second, one needs to know where to plant the bug. A bug can be hidden in a
telphone handset, in the back of a desk drawer, etc. The important thing to
remember is to place the bug in a spot near where people are likely to talk.
The bug may be useless if it is planted too far away from conversations take
Last one needs to know how to plant the bug. One of the most common ways is
to wire a 9-volt battery to the phone\'s own microphone and attaching it to a
spare set of wires that the phone lines normally contain. This connection
enables the phone to be live on the hook, sending continuous room sounds to the
It used to be that hidden microphones and concealed tape recorders were
strictly for cops and spies. Today such gadgets have filtered down to the
jealous spouse, the nosy neighbor, the high-level executive, and the local

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