Buddhism has become quite popular in the world today. But who brought this wonderful religion into existence? What’s it all about? Who is keeping it alive and in circulation? These are the questions some people would like answered.

Siddartha Guatama founded Buddhism a long time ago (time unknown). Where he found it is still unknown. The reasons he founded it was because he searched for the truths about life and knew others searched for the truths of life as well. The major beliefs of Buddhism are: karma, rebirth, ahisma, nirvana, The Four Noble Truths, enlightenment, and dharma. Karma is the actions or consequences that determine our life conditions. Rebirth is the consciousness that continues after death. Ahisma is extreme non-violence. Nirvana is one who follows Buddha’s path escapes the craving and suffering. The Four Noble Truths are the essentials of Buddhism. Enlightenment is the highest goal of life; the state of being that goes beyond suffering. Dharma is the teachings of the Buddhism faith. Another belief in the Buddhist faith are the Eight Symbols of Buddhism: a conch shell, a lotus, a wheel, a parasol, an endless knot, a pair of golden fishes, a banner proclaiming victory, and a treasure vase. The Wheel of Life is the diagram, which serves as a powerful inspiration to spiritual aspirants and is painted to the left of all Tibetan monasteries, offering an opportunity to both monks and pilgrims alike, to look deeply into their own inner beings. The modern leader is the Dalai Lama. His real name is Lhamo Thondup and was born a regular kid of a poor family, but was soon believed to be the reincarnated being of the thirteenth Dalai Lama. After every death of the Dalai Lama, they set out on a search for the new reincarnated Dalai Lama.

Buddhism was created in the mind of a brilliant man and remains in the spread through the minds of brilliant men and women everywhere. Those who search for truth and enlightenment are children of this religion. Buddhism remains in circulation yet. Gaining more and more followers by the day.