Britten Laffoon
Eng. 101
Long-form Essay #1
Professor Snyder

Wasted, or Simply moves too Fast
If I were to split up my day and give each "activity" a percentage my day would consist of 50% to school, 15% to work, 30% to my daughter, and 5% to myself. Whether it be seeing a movie, spending time with friends, or just taking a nap I only have 5% to myself. And It makes me sad that school has a bigger percentage than time with my daughter but in order to do well I have to put a lot of time into it. These are the things I spend most of my days doing and how I can best explain what my time goes to. The actual definition of time is " the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole." Time is our total amount of existance on this planet and I believe that a lot of us take advantage of the time we have here. Time is something most of us assume is endless which by definition it is but not for every individual. We miss out on a lot and always claim there's always a different time or maybe tomorrow. That isn't always the case every time I hold my daughter's hand It seems so much bigger than the last and that isn't something I can slow down nor is time.
When time is running short for some like your grandparent's you might hear phrases like "I wish I would've", or "If only I would've know it would be my last chance". We have a tendency to hold a lot of regrets in life. We don't cherish moment now a days and, we also seem to think that for certain there will be a "next time". But the honest truth is there isn't always a next time and we need to start using our time wisely. Holding my daughter's hand is a perfect example. Even if I just held her hand yesterday in the store it still gets bigger every time. That alone shows me that time doesn't pause when we want it to it just keeps moving forward. She keeps getting bigger and I have no say in it so I hold her hand everyday, I notice every new mark on her hand, and every new freckle on her face. I try to move with time instead of waiting for it to stop for me. It never will and we all need to realise this while we're young before we hold so many regrets when we're wrinkly and old. I feel like a lot of my days are repetitive but I know that going to school is important for my future and my daughters. I also know that if I don't work I don't get food so that's a necessary waste of time. However I take full advantage of a day just to spend with my daughter by taking her out, or trying new things with her. I may waste some of my time but I try to be useful with the rest. It's getting difficult to remember how she looked at first but I don't want to waste my daughter's childhood by having too many lazy days. She has started saying things to me that I'm not sure a two year old should really know yet and it makes me wish she was brand new sitting in her bouncy chair staring at whatever passed her and only making cooing noises. Now she tell's me to be patient went I'm in a hurry to get somewhere. She's not a baby anymore and reminds everyday by how much smarter she becomes. I don't know whether to be really upset at how much bigger she is or proud of how smart she is becoming. I'll take advantage of her only telling me to be patient instead of the things she might say when she's fifteen. She's my proof of how fast time is moving and has helped me learn to live in the moment because, we only get older and time doesn't change it's pass.
Time's definition is " the indefinite continued