Breath, eyes, and memory

Breath, Eyes, Memory Class Discussion Question

Thinking about our class discussions on Breath eyes memory I noticed that we
covered a lot on the culture portrayed in the book and the injustices done. But
I think that we neglected to look at certain parallels between our culture and
the way that I think that it affects our lives to read and discuss a book of
this nature. I think a good discussion question for our class would have to do
something about how you directly compare the book to your own life or to the
lives of the people around you that you know and talk to every day. I think that
it would be important to go over all the dimensions in which this book is a
direct parallel to our own lives. It would also be important to expand on the
discussion and maybe go into how the culture has changed (or not changed) since
it has moved to our country. In other words do these things in fact still take
place and if so to what extent and in what way? We might look at the effect it
has on the individual living in a country with people who were raised
differently and trying to decide for themselves how they will raise there own
children and how they will in fact shape their own morals. I know that many
people in our class have ethnic backgrounds and probably have some sort of
opinion or experience for this topic of discussion. I would probably start the
discussion by telling them about the parallels that I found in the way that my
own families traditions and morals were maintained. (Kind of like the other memo
I wrote about my own family) I would talk about how it became an issue of almost
family pride and structure and to break the rules would almost be like to break
apart the family and loose the respect of it. To use specific examples from the
book I would use the example of how all the girls didnít argue with being
tested and didnít complain about it either they just went along with it
because it was "common family practice". I think it would also be
important to show how it was passed down through the generations, and even
though Sophies mom may have not liked what she was doing she almost was brain
washed with it\'s importance.

Thinking about the assignment at hand I thought that maybe you wanted to get
a little bit more specific and look at the book and it\'s characters in specific
chapters and leave our own lives out of the picture. In this case I thought a
worth while topic of discussion would be to focus on the hard ships of the main
character when she was taken from her home as a child. We could discuss the
separation anxiety that she went through at breakfast as she was forced to leave
the only mother that she ever knew in order to return her to a person that was a
stranger to her. We could even use this book and topic to discuss something as
basic as what makes someone your mother, and this could be a topic for the
subject of adoption. (I thought there was someone in our class who was, I\'m not
sure though).

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