H/WK William Wallace-Braveheart

William Wallace a.k.a Braveheart was born in Elderslie in 1272, the second son of a minor Scottish lord. He was bound for the church-the path that most second sons took. William’s brother Malcolm would inherit the family wealth, and William would be a priest. Although it seemed William preach-he already had the makings of a great hero. When most men were 5ft tall, William was a well built 6”7. When he was 20, his father and his brother were murdered by English invaders. England’s attempts to conquer Scotland were not going unnoticed by the young Braveheart, as fury was rapidly building inside him. In Scotland, an argument over who should be King was beginning. Battles for control began in 1292. The Wallace family were patriotic, willing to pay the consequences for not swearing allegiance to the English. After William’s father had been slayed on Louden Hill, William could not hold his anger anymore.
Around 1297, William wed Marian Braidfoot. But his happiness was not to last. A sheriff, Haselrigg, killed Marian, and was killed by William. In the September of 1297, William had raised an army who hated the English. On the 11th, Wallace had heard that an English army was advancing north. The two armies met at the Abbey of Cambuskenneth. The abbey is near the River Forth, and the only way across was Stirling Bridge. Wallace had armies on both sides of the bridge. While the English were on the bridge, Wallace gave the order to destroy the bridge. The English on the bridge were hacked down. The other soldiers not on the bridge were terrified. and ran away. William had won at Stirling Bridge. But another battle was beginning. Another army, led by Edward himself, went to Falkirk and met William there. Using the Welsh longbow, Edward won the decisive battle at Falkirk. Wallace barely escaped with his life and resigned as Guardian of Scotland. Wallace hid, but was betrayed by his friends. They told Edward where he was and he was captured. Braveheart was hanged and decapitated. His heart, lungs, liver and intestines were burnt-while he was alive. His genitals were cut off. He was cut up into 4 parts and his head was set up on London Bridge. A great Scottish leader had been murdered.

But Scotland eventually won their freedom, crushing Edward II’s army. Scotland had become independent.