Brave New World

Brave New World was a society of prejudice and perfection all in one. It had some similarities to the society we are living in today yet it was so different that the two are hard to compare. Each society had some of the same problems and prejudices. The differences between the two were more prevalent. In Brave New World there was no individuality and you were not allowed to think for yourself. You belonged to every one and your thoughts were conditioned into your memory from a young age. In our society each person is their own and you have your own thoughts. The largest difference was that however imperfect Brave New World was, its inhabitant’s thought it was perfect. Our society is very far from being perfect and we are able to see and accept it.
In Brave New World the ideal man was being created. He was flawless in their society but would be unheard of in our society. He was being created to the standard of Ford, just like God created us. Ford was God to the people of Brave New World and he was referred to in many of the same ways as we refer to God in our society. “’Oh, Ford!…I’ve gone and woken the children.’” (Huxley 19) In our society a common statement is “Oh, God!” and in Brave New World they use Ford as their God and see him as the creator of all and the power of all beings. They were each made as Ford would have wanted them. Each man was different but they were all perfect. They were all created for a specific reason. If he were to be stupid and do menial tasks then he would be conditioned that way in the embryo. Once alive he would become a part of the lower-class society, maybe the Gammas or Epsilons. As a part of the lower-class society you are happy with your life and would never dream of being anything else. When you are a part of upper-class society you don’t work menial jobs and you are a part of the Alphas or Betas.
Each person sees their group as the best because they have been conditioned to think that way. “I’m really awfully glad I’m a Beta, because I don’t work so hard. And then we are much better than the Gammas and Deltas. Gammas are stupid.” (Huxley 18) This quote shows how the Betas are being conditioned as children. This will be played continuously while they sleep and be forever engraved into their memory. The people inhabiting Brave New World see themselves as perfect while everyone else is not. The controllers see each group as perfect because they are doing what they were created to do and are happy doing it. Whether it is an Epsilon doing the dirty work, or an Alpha at the feelies, each man is conditioned to be happy in what they are doing. Each person feels they are the greatest and that was the goal of the controllers, to create the greatest man.
The kind of man being produced in the United States is much different. We are not always happy with our lives and we don’t have to be. We are also not conditioned the same way they were in Brave New World. In their society it was the controllers job to produce prejudice. In our society we are conditioned to believe things but it comes from our family and friends not the government. We are in a society you can be unhappy and you can change things to please yourself. In Brave New World they were conditioned to believe whatever they had was the best and they would never be jealous or unhappy. In our society we live our lives and there is always someone who has it better. Seeing that person’s happiness brings on jealousy and unhappiness, leaving us to wish our lives could be better. Our society is producing greedy, self-centered people with no compassion for others. It is everywhere, at work and at school, people competing for what others have and being envious of others possessions wishing they were their own. We see it in movies and in the media. Thieves and