Boys and Girls in Adolescence

The changes that young adolescents go through during puberty vary greatly between genders. Males seem to have to deal with less pressure when growing into manhood, whereas girls seem to deal with more pressure. Males are more likely to be accepted for the person they are. Unlike boys, girls have higher standards of how they should carry themselves in the public eye. Both genders have differences in the way they go threw puberty. Boys start to grow more hair in places, and there voices start to deepen. Girls develop more on their bodies, and begin menstruation. This process comes for males about the age of 14, whereas girls may start as early as 12 years old. Both genders continue to go though the growing process on up into their late teens 18, or 19.

During adolescents genders have shown very different character traits. Unlike boys who are more outgoing and less fearful, girls seem to be shy and less outgoing. Boys tend to get into more mistuff because of their fearfulness towards everything. Girls seem to get into less trouble because of their innocent character. One real good reason for why boys get into more trouble is that their hard headed, meaning they don’t take advice as good. Boys seem to think they know everything about everything during adolescents. Whereas girls ask more questions and are open to advice, which keeps them out of trouble.

Both male and female seem to fall into academic stereotypes. Boys tend to be better at math and science, unlike girls that are better in English and writing. Boys are pushed more on their science and math because their more likely to use it than girls when they grow into adults. Girls have a tendency to be pushed more on writing and English. Math and science seem to come to boys pretty easy so in turn they tend to be less concerned with their academics. Girls are likely expected to due good academically, so they tend to be more concerned. This causes girls to move ahead academically, whereas boys tend to fall behind. Boys are likely also to get distracted by sports and extra curreticular activities.