Bowling for Columbine

12 Feb 03


This movie was actually quite interesting, although it started off rather slow. After Michael Moore stopped talking to the freaky guy that was friends with Ted Kazinzki, it started to pick up quite a bit. I will admit that I started to close my eyes at the beginning, but once it started up, it definitely caught my attention. I don’t believe that the movie was very forgiving to the NRA, but guns are not the root of all that is evil.

I have always been around guns my entire life, especially with my father having been a cop for most of my life. I am for having a gun for protection, because I have always had one there if the need ever was raised. I was also shooting guns by about the age of five. However, at the same time, I also was raised to stay away from the guns, and that they were not something for me to go near without my father present, that they were not toys, and were capable of seriously harming someone, or killing someone.

So from my point of view, I don’t see guns as being the reason that there is so much violence in the world. And the movie proved the fact that guns are not the direct reason for all the gun deaths in the world. So many other countries own so many guns, and nothing is happening in their country like it is in ours. I agree that our country was built on violence, and it thrives on violence, and that is why we have such a high rate of it. Because people love violence, they love the rush that comes with violence. But then, it also comes down to the saying, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” It takes a person to use a gun to kill another person; a person who makes a conscious decision to go out and commit that act. And it just so happens that a gun is probably the easiest way to be able to go out and commit a crime.

The movie did portray the NRA as being evil ,and was not fair to it, as being the reason why all these kids go out and commit these crimes, and shoot each other. Because we have to have someone to blame for what is happening to our society, and because what is happening seems to be happening with guns, then the NRA is being blamed. But because Charlton Hesston went, and did his rallies for pro-guns, at such uncouth times, that also helped portray the NRA as being a bunch of people who believe that guns are the only way to live. There are other aspects of the NRA than just a bunch of gun happy people. And the movie was not fair to them in that aspect that it portrayed them as a bunch of gun happy people.

Because it is not the NRA’s fault, that these kids get a hold of these guns, and go out and shoot each other. That’s like blaming George Balanchine for all dancers being anorexic, because he is the one who wanted to set the standard for tiny ballet dancers. But it was the image that was portrayed. The dancers, at one point, make a conscious decision of not eating, or whatever, just as these kids who are killing other kids are making the conscious decision to go out, get guns, and shoot everybody up. And because they do, it gives the NRA a bad reputation, because they are the people who have a club, supporting gun use.

I really don’t know if there is any way to lower the amount of violence in our country. Perhaps on the news, they should focus more on the latest speed bump, rather than the latest murder, like they do in Canada. But I also think, that until our society is willing to make a change, then change is not going to happen. I guess maybe by trying to catch the troubled kids before they get the chance to go out and hurt someone. I honestly don’t know what we can do. Maybe make it harder for people to be