Book Report on The Human Brain

the human brain is a thin little book packed with information about this mysterious and amazing three-pound organ. Greenfield\'s descriptions of disorders of the brain such as alzheimers Disease, Parkinsons Disease and amnesia, are excellent. Her discussion about addictive drugs and the neurotransmitters they mimic and those they affect is also very clear. I especially appreciated her explanation of action potentials and synapses. After reading the book I felt I had a more thorough understanding of the electrical and chemical components.

Additional pictures would have been helpful I often found myself trying to find the parts of the brain and wishing that there pictures for reference. I counted only 4 pictures in the book.

In addition to the careful descriptions of what is known about the brain, Dr. Greenfield\'s discussions of the riddles of the brain, mind and memory were greatly appreciated. The relation of the physical brain to the mind and a person\'s is still mostly a mystery to science, and as she says in her concluding remarks, We have seen astounding progress but the adventure is only really just beginning.