Bob Marley

5th C

September 3rd 2004

Bob Marley was an icon in reggae music and not only because he was a good singer, but because he wrote a lot of songs for his people and he represented all the good things that Jamaica could have. This is why I choose to write about this monumental artist.

In the United States when Bob became more famous everybody began to critizice his apearence because he did not like to use showy things. He usually worn a t-shirt, worn away pants, and old shoes. Since he was a child he had rasta kind of hair.

Bob lived for his music and for his people, he belonged to a religion called rastafari which was similar to anarchy, so Bob always opposed the Jamaican government that was opressing the Jamaican people by using his music and all the songs he wrote for other artists. Bob also used to smoke marijuana, but he didn’t use it as a way to get wasted but like a way to connect with his god who was Jah.

As I already said Bob Marley’s interests were more political that social, he always wanted a fair government and a respectful society. His dream was that the society could be like an utopia.

Fot me Bob Marley is the person that I admire the most because of what he tried to do during his life: Fight against opressing institutions and trying to make an equal society in which everyone could have the same rights, and the best of him is that he tried to achieve this in peaceful way; by making music.