Bob Marley Biography

Community Service

12/06/03 S.A.

Bob Marley was born in 1945 in a village in Jamaica. Bob was a dark skinned man. He had a white naval officer named Norval for a dad. His mom was named Cedella. Bob had two things he loved football and music. He made his first song at the age of 16 called "Judge Not". Bob started a band called The Wailers. After a while they started to do gigs and they became more and more famous. At the time there was a problem between the two people running for Prime Minister, many fights and violence arose. One of the running members asked The Wailers to perform on stage with him. The Wailers agreed to this plan and walked home. When Bob was at home he got shot in the arm, people think that the other person running thought that Bob was not on his side and shot him. Luckily Bob Marley was not killed but had to wear a sling during the concert. Bob was diagnosed with melanoma cancer it was supposedly cleared and Bob just kept on living his life. After a few days The Wailers were asked to perform again but this time to make a truce between the both of the people running. They agreed once again. At the concert Bob got both of the people on stage and at the end both of them holding hands while Bob danced around them. This stopped the fights and Bob was awarded the Peace Medal from The United Nations. One day Bob was running in Central Park N.Y.C. and he fainted. This was from the cancer that was said to be cleared but was not and it grew into his brain and his lungs. Eventually the doctors could not do anything more about it. Bob died on May 11, 1981. They buried his body in Jamaica..

Living for only thirty six years and making many accomplishments I think is astonishing. I recently went to watch The Wailers perform and I was amazed by their talent, I enjoyed it a lot.