Bob Marley

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Bob Marley gave the world; music that stretches back over nearly two decades, his music is still as poplour now as it was 20 years ago. He has been called the third world super star.he has incoprated evrey aspect in the rise of jamacian music

Bob\'s first recording attempts came at the beginning of the Sixties
it wasn\'t until 1964, as a founding member of a group called the Wailing Wailers, that Bob first hit the Jamaican charts. In 1970 they became internationally recognized

over the next few years the Wailing Wailers -- Bob, Peter Mclntosh and Bunny Livingston they were one of the most popler bands in jamica

they were not very rich Junior Braithwaite and Beverley Kelso, left the group. At the same time Bob joined his mother in the United States. This marked the end of the Wailing Wailers. Wasent in the us for long, returnd to jamica and teamed up with peter and bunny

It\'s difficult to properly understand Bob Marley\'s music without considering Rastafari. His spiritual beliefs are too well known to necessitate further explanation. Rastrafi was the core of the walers group

Cancer was diagnosed. Marley fought the disease for eight months. The battle, however, proved to be too much. He died in a Miami Hospital on May 11,1981. On a European tour in 1977, Marley & the Wailers played an informal soccer game (his other passion) against a team of French journalists. In the process, Marley injured his foot. Treatment revealed cancerous cells, but he refused surgery. In 1980, again on tour, Marley collapsed while jogging in New York\'s Central Park. The cancer had spread to his brain, lungs and liver, and he died eight months later

A month before the end Bob was awarded Jamaica\'s Order of Merit, the nations\' third highest honor, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the country\'s culture.

On Thursday, May 23,1981, the Honorable Robert Nesta Marley was given an official funeral by the people of Jamaica

he had left Jamaica in 1976 after the shooting that had almost cost him his life

Bob Marley was the one and only universal ambassador of Jamaica\'s renowned reggae music

died from a cancerous brain tumor on May 11, 1981, in Miami, Florida. He was only 36 years old

While playing soccer in Paris with a top French team in May 1977, during the European leg of the Exodus tour, he had injured his right toe again during a bad tackle. The toenail was torn off. Again, it seemed minor at first. This time however, the lesion did not heal. But he pressed on through the Scandinavian concert dates. Worries among Bob\'s inner circlew of Dreads concerning his physical well-being quietly mounted.

On July 7, 1977 Denise Mills, executive assistant to Chris Blackwell and the chief Island Records official accompanying the Exodus tour, took a limping Bob Marley to see a physician, who told Bob his wound looked disturbingly bad. It got so bad, in fact, that London doctors ultimately prescribed amputation of the right toe. Bob refused, in acccordance with Rasta proscription against such surgery. He was flown to Miami from London where Dr. William Bacon, a black orthopedic surgeon, performed a skin graft on the toe. Bacon called the operation "a success".

bob marley died young at the age of 38

Who was Bob marley

BORN: February 6 1945 DIED: May 11 1981

What was bob marleys back ground like

Bob marley was born in a small town called trench town

What is the religion that he followed ‘rastafari’

The rastafri religion originates from the Nile valley a huge region that includes Egypt in the North and south Ethiopia. It acknowledges ra, which is an Egyptian god of sun and life giving force and accepts that mankind is equal to god.

Rastafries religon is made up of Judaism and Christianity. They reject the modern church of Rome

How did he die


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edited by Kim Robertson and Mike Henry