Bless Me Ultima Book Report

Book Report:
Bless Me, Ultima

Title of Work: Bless Me Ultima
Author & Date Written: Rudolfo Anaya 1972
Country of Author: New Mexico, USA
Characters: Ultima- An old Curandera who comes to spend her last days with Antonio and his family. She is Tony’s mentor and helps him to find the right path for his life.

Antonio Marez- A young boy who is torn between his parents: a Marez and a Luna. But with the help of Ultima, he discovers his own destiny. He thirsts for knowledge: he is a curios boy, an outstanding student, and a questioning worshiper.

Maria Luna - Antonio’s mother. A kind woman who’s one dream is to see her youngest son become a priest. She is obsessed with his education and pushes him to learn about the culture of her family, the Lunas.

Gabriel Marez- Antonio’s father. A proud man, a carefree rancher on the plains who tends to push his son away from his mother’s protective arms. He is often depressed because he gave up his lifestyle for his wife. His dream in to move to California.
Lupito- A man turned mad by the happenings of the war who kills the sherriff of the town in cold blood. It is his blood that first defiles the river. The memory of his death stays with Tony throughout the novel and causes him to think about the difference between good and evil and forgiveness.

Narciso- An honorable man who tries to protect Ultima from harm. Because of the loss of his young wife, Narciso begins to drink and is known as the town drunk. Through his garden, Narciso makes magic by growing beautiful flowers and plants. He is later killed by Tenorio in cold blood while trying to warn Ultima of harm and is buried as the town drunk instead of the hero that he is.

Leon, Andrew, and Eugene- Tony’s brothers. The giants in his dream. They go off to fight the War and come back grown men with their own dreams and beliefs. The inevitably break the heart of their proud father by going out on their own and not helping him fulfill his dream of moving to California.

Tenorio Trementina- The villain of the novel. He seeks revenge on Ultima for the death of his daughters and stops at nothing to get it. He kills Narciso in cold blood. He is a true coward and he hides behind others instead of facing those who he seeks to fight.

Abel, Bones, Ernie, Horse, Lloyd, Red, and the Vitamin Kid- Antonio’s friends and a wild group of boys who curse and fight. Horse loves to wrestle, but everyone fears Bones more because he is reckless and maybe even crazy. Ernie loves to brag. He does not like Tony very much and teases him every chance he gets. The Vitamin Kid is the fastest runner in Guadalupe, and he races Tony across the bridge to school every morning until he takes an interest in girls. Red is a Protestant, so he faces teasing very often from the group. Like Tony, he is a good student. Lloyd enjoys reminding everyone that they can be sued for ever the most minor of offenses. Abel, the smallest boy in the group, likes to urinate in the most inappropriate palces.

Florence- Florence is one of Atonio’s friends. Although he does not believe in God, he attends catechism lessons with his friends. Florence’s mother died when he was three. Afterwards, his father slowly killed himself with alcohol. His sisters are now prostitutes at Rosie’s house. He asks Antonio insightful questions that point out the gaps in the Catholic Religion. When Antonio becomes worried about Florence’s soul, Samuel suggests that the golden carp might be a better god Florence. Unfortunately, as Cico and Tony prepare to take Florence to see the golden carp, Florence dies in a swimming accident before they can do so.

Cico- Cico is one of Tony’s closest friends. Unlike most of his friends, he is quiet and gentle. Cico takes Antonio to see the golden carp, a pagan god to Antonio.

Settings: The Llano- The land of the Marez, the vaqueros. A land of rolling hills and beautiful, dark plains and clusters of adobe huts. This land symbolizes freedom and