Blackrock Essay

The author of the play “Blackrock”, Nick Enright has written a very dramatic play towards today’s society. During the play he uses lots of techniques to make it relate to the audience, therefore making it more appealing to the readers. Friendship is also a major factor in the play, “Blackrock”. Throughout this play, many different attitudes and values are brought up. It is very appealing towards teenagers, because of today’s society and how it relates to the problems of today.

In the play, the attitudes towards women are very negative, such as the females being thought to be the less powerful gender, compared to the males as being the powerful ones. This is always seen in today’s society as the men over powering the women, because men are ment to be the big tough ones.The guys in the play treated the girls badly. They were always talking to them badly, acting like they were unimportant and less powerful. One of the main offenders of this was Ricko. He appears to be one of those people that only care about themselves and doesn’t care about what happens to anyone else.

Family and friends are a major part of the play. For example, When Ricko asked his mate Jarred to try and cover up for him from the night of Tracey Warner’s death. He wanted Jarred to say that Ricko was with Jarred on the night of the incident, so that the police wouldn’t be after him. Jarred asked his father what he thought he should do. His father said, if you think it is worth getting into to trouble with the law to help your friend then go ahead and back Ricko up. This shows that you can’t always be backing your friends up 100% of the time, if it means you may get into trouble for doing so then it isn’t worth the risk.

Tracey’s death was very much related to underage drinking, which is a major factor to today’s society. This makes it more appealing for teenagers to read. What happened was that Tracey got really drunk and started to lead on these three guys, Toby, Scott and Daveo. Tracey who was thirteen got so drunk that she didn’t even know what she was doing, and then the guys whop raped her were just having a bit of fun at the started, but then took things too far. She couldn’t do anything because she was so out of it, then the men raped her one by one, taking total advantage of her. She was treated like crap, with no respect at all, like she wasn’t human. It makes you think how stupid people get when they take things too far and don’t realize what they have done until its too late. Glen’s pretty much summed up what happened in one sentence by saying, You douse your self in kero, and then start playing with matches, you can’t blame anyone else when you set your self on fire”. “You douse your self in kero”, as in she got really drunk, “then start playing with matches”, as in she was leading the guys on and “you can’t blame anyone else when you set your self on fire” she got raped. If she hadn’t of lead the guys on at the start then she would still be alive today.

Jarred’s mother suffered from breast cancer. He was very close to his mum and it really affected them in different ways. The closeness to his mum made it very difficult for Jarred to accept the news that his mum had cancer, but in a way it brought them even closer together.

This play comes across to the readers in all different ways, because of your experiences in life and the way it affects you. Also the way you look at family, friends and the opposite gender. It comes down to what you believe is wrong or right. For example, if you think Jarred should have backed up his mate Ricko for hitting Tracey over the head with a rock and accidentally killing her. Or wether to come out and tell the truth, or keep quiet and see what happens. Everyone’s different, personally I would have kept quiet