I did my biosphere project on part of the ocean. The ocean is part of the whole Earth, which forms one very large biosphere. Each individual organism, like a dolphin, crab, seal, small fish, shark, shellfish, or sea bird forms a population when it is put together with other organisms of its same species. When many populations get together, it forms a community. When the community is put in an environment surrounded by both biotic and abiotic things, it forms an ecosystem. An ecosystem is made of the abiotic and biotic factors of an environment, along with all the organisms that live there. When all ecosystems are put together, it forms a huge biosphere. The biosphere is the part of Earth where life exists. It goes from the ocean to the atmosphere and includes every ecosystem. Food chains and webs are also a part of the biosphere. A food chain shows how energy moves from one organism to the next. A food web shows all those ways put together to be seen in a more accurate way. The biosphere is made of all living and nonliving things put together and is very important to all organisms.