Bible Report

The Matrix

All movies have a worldview, whether we as a population know it or not. A lot of movies have a very subtle thought, whether they believe it is okay to have sex before marriage or whether it’s the other extreme in that there is a creator or did we just evolve. In the movie the Matrix there are many views paralleled with the bible that suggests there is a struggle between good and evil, and that there is a God.

In the movie the Matrix, they do not specify in having or believing in any specific God- but in the movie they do talk about the chosen one. God seems to be symbolized by Neo, who is said to be Zion’s savoir, just as Christian belief states that Jesus Christ was the world’s savior. God, or Neo, was a regular man, just as Jesus Christ did become man.

In the Matrix Neo saved trinity’s life in the end of the movie. Jesus also saved the lives of many men who were willing to trust in him.

The people of Zion are like us, for no one could be freed from the Matrix unless they were selected and given the opportunity by someone from outside the Matrix (just as Neo was chosen by Morpheus). Their ideais not just to end the war between themselves and the machines. We all were or are slaves- slaves to sin. Our sinful nature kept us under the control of Satan. On our own, there was little chance of escape. Through the sacrifice of Christ, the pain of our sinful nature was overthrown and we could once again be at peace with God. In the same way, Neo is the vessel which breaks the bonds of enslavement to the Matrix. Notice how, like Christ, Neo willingly offers himself as a sacrifice in order to restore peace between man and machine.

Neo also was murdered, as was Jesus, then neo rises from his own power and defeated the evil smith, as Jesus Christ dethroned Satin at the Cross. In the gospels when Judas betrays Jesus, there is the parallel between one of Neo’s companion and Judas. Neo’s companion sets Neo up to be killed, for financial gain. He makes a deal with the machines run by smith, to give Neo up so that he can be extremely rich.

Even thought no one typically worshiped neo as the did jesus many men were in awe of Neo’s talents and abilities. In Neo’s training many of his companions saw his amazing reflexes and abilities and marveled at his strength. So in a sense they did idolize him as being the chosen one.

In the movie, the character Morfius was like John the Baptist as he foretold and prepared the way of the chosen one and continued to believe in Neo- as John the Baptist proclaimed Jesus’ coming as our savior. Neo did prove himself to be the one that would eventually free mankind from the domination of the matrix. Jesus likewise saves the world from the condemnation that came from sin.

The movie takes a Christian theism standpoint, as neo is God and saves the world.

Because of many parallels involving sin, salvation, resurrection, and the battle between good and evil there is many ties between Christian beliefs and The Matrix.

In the movie everything is not as it appears to be just as the bible tells us unsaved people are not aware of the situation they are in. so also in the movie the people are not aware they exist in the matrix, run by the malevolent machines. They also say that Smith can use anyone in the matrix because they do not know the truth, just as satin can use us if we do not know the truth.

At the end of the film, we observe a colorful sunrise within the matrix. This is a first time matrix has never been host to such use of color. The event is therefore of great significance, the designer of the sunrise, claims it to be a tribute to Neo. This scene transpires after Neo\'s sacrifice and immediately after the Architect has made his promise of peace. The sunrise is symbolic of the rainbow, a sign of God\'s covenant to never again