beware of the fish

BOOK BY ;Gordan Korman
\'Beware The Fish\' is one of the funniest books I have ever
read in my life. It is about two boys named Bruno and Boots
who go to a boarding school called \'Macdonald Hall\'. Their
headmaster is a grim man named Mr. Sturgeon(a.k.a \'The
Fish\'. A sturgeon is a kind of fish.) It all started when Elmer
Drimsdale, school genius invented somethingthat is sort of like
a television broadcaster. He didn\'t know it really worked!!!!
When Bruno and Boots found out their school was broke
and needed more money, Bruno began to think up schemes to
put their school on the map.All his attempts seemed to fail, so
he vented his anger on the television broadcaster, not knowing
it actually worked. He accidently broadcasted many
announcements, declaring \'The Fish\' will seek his revenge.
During these broadcasts, the video camera was focused on a
poster of a salmon.
The police thinks that these are warning from a group of
killers,Bruno is desperately running out of ideas, Boot\'s is
being dragged along inevery crazy scheme Bruno and the rest
of the boy at Macdonald Hall dive headfirst into, the
headmaster at the girls school next door thinks that the boys at
Macdonald Hall are \'hooligans terrorizing my poor girls\'
(whoare actually on the boys side. (Even if the guys tried to
terrorize them,they\'d beat them to a pulp.) And poor Mr.
Sturgeon has no idea whats goingon. If you think that\'s weird,
wait\'ll you see what Bruno does next.

I think that this book is a really crazy book with really
funny characters. A few other books are also written about
AS GOOD AS THIS ONE! those crazy, crazy teenagers

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