Bermuda Triangle: Underwater Mystery

Engl. 1301.05

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Writing Assignment #7

Strange events seem to be taking place in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the United States. There is an area formed by an imaginary line connecting Bermuda, Florida, and Puerto Rico, a significant number of ships and planes have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. It has been popularly known as the Bermuda Triangle, the Devil’s Triangle, and Limbo of the Lost. The area has also been called the Hoodoo Sea, the Twilight Zone, and the Port of Missing Ships. Mysterious events continued to be reported there, and the sequence of those events has grown into a modern day sea mystery. The Bermuda Triangle has received much attention in the lasts decades. It has been the subjects of books, magazine articles, and radio and television talk shows. A television special was devoted to it, and it also figures in the UFO and ancient astronauts mysteries. According to many people who live nearby, there is something very strange going on out there.

First of all, what is the geographic location of this so call Bermuda Triangle? The Bermuda Triangle lies vaguely east of Florida. Connecting Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Miami. These cities are said to be the “points” of this legendary triangle (Internet). Its size is about 440,000 square miles. The humid subtropical climate of the region brings with it heavy rainfall and high temperatures (Internet). An annual rainfall in excess of 60 inches (152 cm) can be expected. Though much this rainfall is expected, it is mostly spread evenly through the year. Hurricanes and harsh thunderstorms sometimes drop 10 inches of rain in hours. This area is well known by geographers for the nature of its storms. There have been many reports of complete whiteouts being formed in seconds. Waterspouts and extremely strong winds are dangerous elements that often go with these storms. The topography of the ocean floor bottom is surprising to many that sail the area. It is commonly believed that this area is very shallow (Internet). This is true near the Florida coastline, but as the North Atlantic Continental Shelf breaks off only miles away, depths quickly reaching as low as 12,000 feet. About 100 miles north of Puerto Rico is the deepest part of the Atlantic, the Puerto Rico
Trench, estimated at 30,000 feet deep.

The vast-three sided segment did not receive its famous nickname until 1964, but reports of bizarre happenings there, or nearby, have been recorded for centuries. For instance, many people claim that Christopher Columbus was a witness of the Bermuda Triangle’s weirdness (Internet). As the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria sailed trough the area in 1492, it is reported that Columbus’ cardinal points went crazy and that his crew saw weird lights in the sky. Columbus wrote of seeing “a great flame of fire” that crashed into the ocean, probably a meteor. He saw lights in the sky again on October 11, which was the day before his famous landing. The lights, brief flashes near the horizon, were spotted area where dry land turned out to be. Another historical event that was attributed to the Bermuda Triangle is the discovery of the Mary Celeste (Kusche 175). It was found at 38º 20’ north, 17º 15’ west, to be exact, which is 590 miles west of Gibraltar. The Mary Celeste, a 103-foot-long brigantine of some 282tons, was found abandoned on the high seas in 1892, about 400 miles off its intended course from New York to Genoa. There was no sign of its crew or what had happened to them. Since the lifeboat was also missing, it is quite possible that they abandoned the Mary Celeste during a storm that they wrongly guessed the ship could not support (Kusche 176). A simpler theory was that the ship had been caught in a storm and when it seemed about to sink it was abandoned by the crew, who then disappeared in the lifeboat.

The Bermuda Triangle really began on December 5, 1945, with the famed disappearance of Flight 19 (Kusche 205). Five Navy Avenger bombers mysteriously vanished while on a routine training mission, as did a rescue plane sent to search for them. All of the crewmen of the five