Beowulf Essay

In this epic poem the hero Beowulf fights three evil monsters. He first fights Grendel then Grendel’s mother and finally at the end of his life he fights with the fire spewing dragon.

Beowulf went from Geatland to the land of the Danes because he had heard of the creature Grendel killing ad destroying the Danes he wanted to show his heroic strengths by killing the creature. The poem says “a brave man of the tribe of the Geats heard in his home land of Grendels deeds- he ordered a good ship and saying he wished to seek out the king over the road of the swans”. So Beowulf’s goes to the land of the Danes and is welcomed warmly by Hrothgar there king. Beowulf then goes to Herot the hall where Grendel attacked and waits for Grendel to come back. I think that Beowulf was foolish before he went to fight Grendel because Beowulf vowed to the Danes in Herot he would fight with no weapon he said “therefore I will not kill him with a sword and deprive him of life in that way though I surely could”. He is saying that he will kill him with his bare hands just to show that he can and that he has the strength. Beowulf did keep his vow and killed Grendel with no weapon. He gripped Grendel by the arm until he severed Grendels arm from its body he had mortally wounded the evil creature Grendel that had been terrorizing the people for so long. Beowulf became a great hero to the Danes after the battle because the Danes had been living in fear of Grendel for ten years. Hrothgar the king rewarded him and let him in stay Herot and everyone was happy again and they all rejoiced and had many feasts in honor of Beowulf. They all rejoiced and all said that through god s help this had happened. Hrothgar said “God the king of glory can always work wonder after wonder” I think that they all thanked Beowulf and god because god had played a role in the defeat of Grendel.

Short after their celebration Grendel’s mother the second evil monster attacked Herot to take revenge for the death of her son and so she killed one of Hrothgars loyal subjects who he loved. All the Danes were enraged and Hrothgar was very sad. So Beowulf went with a band of men to Grendels mothers dwelling place he had to go down a huge steep cliff to where the creature lived. When she saw Beowulf she snatched him up f and took him to her cave. In the cave Beowulf tried to kill her with his sword but it failed him “but the stranger found that the flashing sword would not bite nor does harm the edge failed the prince in his need”. Through all this he never lost his bravery as it says “but the kinsman was resolute and intent on achieving brave deeds his courage did not fail him at all”. Beowulf goes on win by yielding a giant sword and slaying the creature. In the poem it clearly says “and holy God brought about victory in battle the wise lord ruler of the heavens easily decided rightly” this tells us that God clearly had a role in the outcome of the battle and not fate. This encounter is different than his first because here Beowulf has to go and find Grendel’s mother instead of just waiting for Grendel in Herot and he also uses weapons to kill. In my opinion it is more courageous to go and find the enemy in an unfamiliar place and have to go into a evil creatures cave rather than just wait in the hall. Beowulf is not so foolish this time and does not automatically assume that he is going to win he fights with a sword and also brigs men with him just in case.. When Beowulf returns everyone is joyful again because they don’t have to live in fear. Hrothgar is especially happy and becomes like a father to Beowulf. He becomes the greatest hero to them.

Beowulfs third and last battle is back in Geatland were he had become the king of the Geats.