Being Honorable

English 2A

Oct. 5th 2004

The world can be a crazy place. Sometimes, there will be people who capitalize on hurting, humiliating, or taking from others. When these people do these things to other people, the afflicted have a right to defend their honor and their dignity. This is a how-to on doing that. In order for this to be properly explained, a scenario must be used as example.

Young man A and young man B are standing outside a local gas station. They are conversing, and merely minding their own business. Then two older and larger gentlemen appear. Young man A and B merely glance and these people, just as one would glance at people in any other public area. The two larger gentlemen, being malevolent at heart and insecure in their minds, decide to start something by walking up, and getting in young man A’s face, while saying crude remarks. This is the thing; young man A has been insulted, and humiliated, so as an honorable person, he has the right to stand his ground in a valiant manner. So, young man A tells the large gentlemen that they have no right to push him around. In turn, this makes the larger gentleman, who is insecure about a smaller man (young man A) standing his ground, angry. This causes him to push young man A. Young man A again has a right to defend his honor and returns the push, for by doing this he will show that he refuses to be humiliated. This causes the gentlemen to throw a punch. The young man now has a right to beat the older gentleman senseless because he is defending himself. He does so, and the older gentleman is out for the count. Then the other older gentleman attacks. This is not honorable because the young mans quarrel was not with him, but the man he just honorably took care of. So as he attacks, young man A is taken off guard and down for the moment. Now, the older gentleman has involved himself, which was dishonorable. Then young man B steps in. This is right because if young man A is defeated in a dishonorable manner, then as his retainer, young man B must step up to the plate. So young man B beats the other older gentleman, and the quarrel is finished. The two young men no longer fight, for their opponents are incapacitated and hence that would be dishonorable.

Honor is the ability to have the courage of one’s convictions in any situation. It is following through on what one says or promises, but mostly it is the courage to do what is right in any situation, and that includes defending oneself. In this world there will be people whose primary objective is to take from others, and an honorable person’s job is to stop that from happening.