Becoming Physically Fit

English 1301/T/11:30

ICE #1

Do you consider yourself to be fat? If your answer is yes; perhaps if physical education was mandatory in your college years. You, just might have taken the class seriously, and put the lessons learned into play. Implementing the required course of physical Education classes at El Paso Community College will be a plus for all students, because it will challenge the students to become physically fit, have correct eating habits, and knowledge of a healthier way of life.

Being physically fit doesn’t come overnight; it is a process that comes with of course, education in physical fitness and consistency. I go to El Paso Fitness faithfully at 4:30 am, 5 days a week. When I first began working out I was in the military and I had no choice but to workout. In the military you have to pass a mandatory Physical Training test every six months; which includes a 2 mile run, push ups, and sit ups, all timed. In order for me to achieve the maximum because I was never one to settle for minimum. I had to be consistent in training for all three events, and not just during morning Physical Training sessions but on my own time. I configured a workout schedule and was consistent and I am proud to say I received a Physical Training Patch for maxing my PT test. Now that I am out of the military, I chose to change my workout but I had to educate myself on the different types of exercises I should do in order to remain fit.

If “65 percent of all college graduates are seriously out of shape.” This could mean several things but one that’s probably key to being out of shape; not eating correctly. A healthy diet or just eating properly can make a world of difference to everyone. I was watching the news a few months ago and the news caster said that in a study. It was proven that if you incorporate walking, jogging or any type of cardio for the minimum of 40 minutes a day and this was without dieting. Was proven that personnel that were participating not only maintained their weight but even lost a couple of pounds.

Being overweight should not be thought of as a way of life and with the mandatory physical education classes, this is the opportunity to learn a healthier way of life. The students without even realizing it are going to receive a key to life; the class may even save some of their lives. With all the obesity and all of the advertised diets could all be bypassed if the students take what they learn and put it to use.

With the mandatory classes that the students are going to receive; might be the one thing they did not receive in their adolescent years. I am for the proposal to be implemented because if the student takes the course seriously. It might have saved one of the student’s lives in the future; especially if obesity was one of the issues. Even if the student doesn’t have a weight or health problem, he/she will gain self confidence because your appearance has a lot to do with the perception a person has of you.