Be Healthy and Drug Free

To be healthy and drug free means much more than it sounds. It means
turning down peer pressure, not using drugs, and not feeling the need to use
drugs. Many people have died from drug overdose; including Roger Clinton, Bill
Clinton\'s brother.

There are many different types of drugs. Some drugs are good for you
and some could kill people. Some good drugs are anesthetics, hormones, vaccines,
and antibiotics. Some bad drugs are narcotics. These are sleep inducers.
Examples of this are codeine, heroin, and morphine. Other drugs include cocaine,
nicotine, and marijuana.

Nowadays, drugs are a big problem in our society. The only drugs that
you should take should be drugs that your doctor prescribed for you. And you
should only take the amount of that drug that he tells you to. Every drug can
be poisonous if you take too much.

Peer pressure is hard to turn down. Peer pressure is when your peers
(the people around you) egg you on to do something, generally something that is
not right. It is very hard to say "NO!" to. This usually would result in
either a rumor or something against this person. When this happens you should
just remember that you know the truth.

Many laws have been passed prohibiting the use of unhealthy drugs. In
addition to this, the D.A.R.E. program was started. This class is offered in
many schools. It is a program talking about drug abuse resistance. According
to a recent survey, one in every three people between the ages of twelve and
twenty have used drugs at least once.

As you can see, drugs are very dangerous substances. It is very
important to be drug free and healthy. You could be the next one to die if you
take illegal drugs.

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