B&E Company


This project is helping a global based company to design a system to cover the entire problem now they are facing about supply.

Company background

B&E is a Danish company that has more than 10 retailer shops around the UK; the products now they are selling are major supplied from Demark. The problem they are facing is the communication channel, there is no motivated way for them to use actually cover the communication problem. Because sometimes the telephone order is taken by a staff, and the retailer ring them again for confirm and another staff take the order again, therefore duplicate orders have been entered into the system for multi supply. This kind of problems always occurs.


As one of the consultant try to help to solve the problem they are facing, one of the suggestion for them is using an effective online website to cover the problem they are having. This website will contain the supplier information, order form for supply and with the requirements that the company specified.

System design

Database Design

In this project’s system design, database is a part of system function in the web-host system. Database is required to record all the data that needs to store for further view.

In database design, firstly, it must consider how many tables that need to design in order for further data store. Secondly, the entities in the tables include the data types. Some of the data must be unique like primary key in each table, there must not contain duplicate values.

Database table design

From the client requirements, the data from candidates, company users and administrators must store separately. Then while they get on the system, they need to have their unique username and password to get hold of the information that they need. When they get hold of their information, they can add or delete by their own, not need to do that through agency staffs.

Therefore, from this point of view, there are 9 tables designed to separate store the data from the users that identified above.

Entity relationship model This model can help to show the user the relationship between the entities (tables) in the database. It can simplify the design of database to make users have the real worldview of how the database is going to work not the logical view.

Entity relationship models also use different types of relationships to show the user the relationship between entities (tables); here are 3 types of relationships:

Data Dictionary

Data dictionary by all means, it shows the data structure that describes the meaning of different types of data. It contains data types, table name, and description of the data and fields of the data in the table.

User Interface Design

Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

The identification of techniques that improve the interface is of great interest in system development. It has to be designed with an understanding that people with specific tasks in mind will want to se them in a way that is seamless with respect to their everyday work. By addressing issues early in the design cycle, redesign and maintenance costs can be reduced. Therefore, we need to make a user-friendly interface in the design process and enable it to fit well with the functions provided by the system. There are five considerations – consistency, user input, user confirmation, navigation and speed.


Consistency makes the website easier for users to move from one page to another. The same font size and type, and style should be used in every page. Sometimes, consistency should be avoided if we want to show differences. For example, larger font size was used in the heading to highlight them from the rest of the text. Moreover, any requests for information should be asked for in a format that is usual for the user. For example, the date format is always in the format of “yyyy/mm/dd”.

Minimum User Input

Each required input should be brief. The reason is that the shorter the input, the less likelihood of an error occurring. In other words, the usage of keyboard by the user should be reduced and use drop-down menu to provide options on most of the items.

User confirmation

Some function such as deleting an employer is non-reversible. The result can be fatal if the recruiter accidentally clicks on it. A prompt for confirmation is required to make sure