Bad Teacher

When I was younger, I had a teacher named HAIBUS who was really mean to me. She was my fourth grade teacher. During that year with her, I got hurt a lot from falling on the playground; as a result, I often went to the nurse\'s office. After going there a couple of times, over a two-week period, she told me that I couldn\'t go anymore, but I sneaked passed her and went anyway. A week later, I got hurt again, so I snuck past her again eventhough she had told me not to go. That afternoon, she insulted me in front of everybody in the class; thus, I thought of her as a mean witch. Later that school year, I accidentally placed my finger in the doorway and someone slammed it without knowing my finger was there. She didn\'t care; therefore, she didn\'t tell me what to do. Consequently, I had to hold the two parts of my finger and run upstairs alone. Eventhough it hurt a lot, I was happy to be away from Mrs. HAIBUS, the "witch", for a couple of weeks.

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