Bad Moments


Second paper.

In life of each person, good things happen as well as bad moments. We are glad, when we carry progress, but we trouble from an incurred defeat.

However, I come for conclusion, that life would be tame without “disaster” and a strip impression. The discomfiture teaches us humility in accordance with the fate. Richer by new experiences we learn how to not to commit same errors in the future. By knowing the taste of defeat, we are able to appreciate progress more.

By whole life progress, from childhood to late senility, we constantly deal with many defeats.

For some people example of the defeat can be failure in work or in school. For other in sport, in affection, etc., etc. It is good if we manage to find the exit from perplexing situation. It is blaze when for long time we incur consequences of unsuitable procedures. Sometimes we incur those consequences by whole life and we might have impression that the bad fate will never invert from us.

I would like to introduce (to present) two events. To support my speculation I would like to present two events from my life that stick the most in my memory. Thos two are my way to success and event which for today I still remember as failure and I accusing myself for thoughtlessness.

From fourth class of primary school I dreamed about continuation my education in school about humanistic direction. I always liked Polish, English and History. I earned awards and honorable mentions in these domains.

Each slight progress was for me next step in investigation for purpose. However, weakest estimates from Science classes depressed me. As I am pessimist from nature, I was able to make the tragedy from getting a B.

My fetches in way to progress were tested by one of my colleague from class. He give me feeling on many different ways that his dreams, not mine, regarding the election of school will become true. This way, he started unwarily encouraged me for urgent and more fruitful work.

Ultimately, at the end of school year, I achieved the highest average estimates in my class and I have gotten high score on test of competence.

I have written poem on our bowing out class. All of my friends were surprised positively.

That was also my little step for progress in my life. Then I begin believing, that my biggest dream will become true.

With the hope in my eyes, I carried the certificate to school that I chose earlier and with impatience and with fear I expected for announcement of result.

I fail to describe in words the joy that I was covered when I saw my surname on the lists of accepted persons for my cherished school.

This was my first serious achievement.

On this day, I have realized that similar situation is finished for one in the progress for other in the defeat.

I saw despairing and in tears faces of my contemporaries who surely so as I did combated for place in this school.

Then exactly in the same day, while I was looking on pupils who did not succeed I remembered the day that had to be very important for me but ended fatally.

It was in spring of last year when at night from Saturday on Sunday we change from wintertime on summer time.

Several days before this unlucky date clergyman asked me if I could sing a psalm on Sunday holy mass in my parish psalm. That always was my dream so I have agreed with joy. I stepped up to this task with huge engagement.

On Saturday evening when I was presage for dream, I had good feeling because my song always pleased all.

Early in the morning, I prepared myself and I left for church.

That was my amazement when I orientated that divine service where I should sing the psalm was reach on end. I failed to hold on tears. I still remember people’s looks. They did not know yet why I desperately cried. Comforting clergyman words that one of girlfriend substituted me bravely were not helpful. I continuously assigned question why I did not change the time. Everywhere remembered about it.

This lesson becomes