Bad Choosers

By K.L. Casado

The tired cliché has rung throughout the halls of maternity wards and
law firms for years. "The Battle of the Sexes" as it is called; the everlasting
struggle for supremacy among men and women. However, in the wider scope of
events, how easy one\'s life is would ideally be more important than how supreme
one is. Just ask Colin Powell or maybe even a reincarnate Kurt Cobain. It does
not matter much if you\'re the top dog if your a top dog with an uncomfortable
life. Maybe the important conflict is not which is superior, but rather which
gender proceeds through life more easily. The question remains then: Which?
It would be impossible here, given the talents of even this writer, to
name a clear victor. Scholars and philosophers for years have attempted to do
so, yet no gender has ever been definitely identified. However, the clear
victor here should be the female. From start to finish, with a layover at child
birth, women tend to live easier lives. Men run the government. Men go to war.
Men encounter more obligation inside and out of the family.
When looking at specific instances, life may equally challenge the two.
Both must acquire food. It is noteworthy that men generally eat more than women.
United States law mandates that both complete a certain amount of schooling.
Both must toil through the identity crisis of adolescence, followed by the mid-
life crisis of aging, and lastly, the mortality crisis in their elder years.
There is a great possibility that both must appropriate wealth, provided they
are not substinence farmers living in some foreign country that does not tax (In
which case, the man would slave away in the fields from dusk until dawn while
the woman would wash a dish, tie their eighteen ignorant children down to a
chair and show them the beauty of using a hula-hoe). Men and women share many
hardships throughout the progression of their lives. However, men have
generally acknowledged them and taken responsibility accordingly, while women
have continually inflicted even more troubles upon themselves.
The familiar fancy of a fellow goes as follows: The man works, makes a
living to support his family, provides food and shelter and accepts a position
as the head of the family. A majority of jobs are not fulfilling. A man\'s
existence at work is scarcely a spiritual uplift and ordinarily may be draining
and exhausting. Even more distressing is a man\'s dependence on such, for
bearing the responsibility for his naked family\'s hunger might be a bit
disheartening. Exempting the guttedly-challenged, a man must also assume
leadership of his home, governing and supervising the affairs therein (an action
necessary as the dominant gender, but this topic shall be saved for a later
A man endures many calamities outside of family-lock as well. The
natural pursuant of companionship is the man. That is not to say that women do
not do their own, voluntary, share, but who is typically the initial solicitor,
delivers the flowers and eventually looked upon for a proposal? This aspect of
male life is among the most trying of all. A man rarely finds emotional
companionship here. He serves as his own confidant and council. He must deal
with his significantly stronger sexual tendencies, especially, given today\'s
society, in the workplace. In the working world, an aspiring young man\'s
employment is most likely flushed down into the likes of McDonald\'s or High
School "Janitorial Administration." Although, one must acknowledge the glaring
exception of those promoted to fry-boy or window washer.
In direct contrast to the dismal drudgery endured by the conventional
male, there is the potential luxury of being a woman. It is stereotypically a
woman\'s position, while the children go to school, to stay home, go shopping,
watch television (including her favorite soap operas), and do whatever comes to
mind the rest of the day. Theoretically, a woman\'s day is complete and
satisfying. Should she feel sheltered or isolated, she is fully welcome to
venture out and about among society. Should she feel incomplete or hollow, she
is wholly able to stay home and reinforce her roots and foundation. A woman may
indulge herself at a local mall or in a gallon of ice cream. In contrast to men,
women are known to find serenity in accessible material goods, such as a new
blouse or fresh shade of lipstick. Men, on the other hand, want a Ferrari or
they want to cry like a little girl. Women are more easily pleased. A woman\'s
obligation to the household is minimal. Thanks to