Autobiographic Scrapbook

Chapter 2: In The Beginning

My life as a preschool child consists of Nintendo, I use to play Nintendo for hours, Mario is my hero, I play lots of games Mario, Duck Hunt, Ninja turtles, adm Batman to name a few.

I can remember having the crazy thought of thinking I could fight like the people of Power Rangers after watching so I would beat my sister to a pulp, and also thought elves were watching me around Christmas so I was Afraid of changing in the open, I had to use the closet, There was I time when a chicken chased me with it head off and I have hated chickens since.

At preschool I can remember ever thing, there was a play house with all the these little figures and I played with that all the time with all my home slices, and the naps, the food ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.