Atom Book

Hey kids! Today I\'m going to introduce you to the world of atoms. Atoms are
little things that you or anybody else have ever seen. Make up things like trees,
cars, paper, even you. So let\'s shrink down to size and see what it\'s like.

We\'re going to into the Helium atom today. An atom is made of little things
called protons, nuetrons, and electrons. Protons have a positive charge,
neutrons have no charge, and electrons have a negative charge. Electrons travel
around the center of the atom, which is called the nucleus. Kind of like how
Earth revolves around the sun. Protons and nuetrons make up the center of the

The atom has an atomic number. Scientists find that number by counting how many
protons are in the nucleus. In this case Helium has two protons.

Scientists find the average atomic mass by adding up protons and neutrons many
times. Then they divide the total by how many times they tried this. This time
Helium has an average of 4 protons and neutrons in the center.

The electron arrangement is the number of electrons in each ring or shell. In
this case helium has 1 ring with 2 electrons in it. An aatom can have up to only
7 rings.

An atomic symbol is the letter(s) that describe the element. Like He means
helium, but if you wrote it HE it could mean something totally different so be

An isotope has fewer or more neutrons than protons. So there isn\'t the same
number of protons as neutrons.

Well now that I\'m big again I hope you learned everything you wanted to know
about atoms.

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