Athenian Law

The Duke has been considering changing the Athenian Law. I am against the Athenian Law that states a father has full control over his daughter’s life. This law ruins a girl’s happiness. It also prevents the child from ever learning from her mistakes. Lastly, this child will not be able to pass on the tradition, she’ll never know how to teach her own children lessons.

To begin with, this law ruins every child’s happiness. Put yourself in their shoes, you’re a young adolescent in love with someone, but your parents make you marry someone you don’t want to be with. How cruel would that be to spend your whole life with a person your parents made you marry. It’ll be like living a fairy tail the father wants his daughter to live.

Secondly, it prevents the child from never learning from their mistake, this child will always depend on the parent for every single thing they do in life. For an example, let’s say this child has a conflict in school with a student; she won’t know what to do because daddy isn’t around to make decisions for her. This child will never learn how to be on their own later in life.

Thirdly, the child will pass on the tradition, they’ll never know how to teach their own children lessons. Think about it this way, your child has a kid, she grew up with the father always choosing for the, every time your daughter is going through problems they won’t know what to do, if you can’t choose your own decisions how will you make your children\'s decisions.

The Athenian Law is a law that will destroy every young girl’s way of living life the way it should be lived. It’ll ruin ever child’s happiness, prevent the child from learning from their mistakes and also the child will pass one the tradition, she’ll never know how to teach her own children. This law should just not simply exist, if it would just disappear this world would be a better place, and have better futures for the people living in it.