As You Like It by William Shakespeare Summary

In the City
As the play begins, Orlando is seen talking with Adam. He tells Adam how unjust his brother is to him. Oliver, his elder brother, has not provided him education and Oliver is living like peasants in the royal palace.

Oliver enters and Orlando starts scolding him for his unjust behaviour towards him. Oliver refuses to acknowledge his plea and Orlando in anger catches hold of his neck threatens him to give what he lawfully owes to, as the son of Sir Rowland  de  Boys.

Adam tries to interfere and calm them down. Oliver calls Adam an old dog who gets hurt upon such a compliment. Oliver is quite surprised at the rebellious behaviour of Orlando.
Soon Oliver gets an opportunity to get rid of Orlando. A wrestling match is going to take place. Orlando has challenged Charles, a renowned wrestler, for duel. Oliver encourages Charles to kill his brother in the duel.
Wrestling match is going to take place at the court of Duke Frederick, who has banished his elder brother, the rightful ruler, and has taken his throne.
Duke Frederick has a daughter namely Celia, who loves her cousin Rosalind, daughter of the banished Duke. Celia is so much devoted to her cousin that the new Duke is forced to keep her niece at her court.
Match is about to start. Rosalind pities for Orlando and forces him to give up his challenge, but fails to convince him and ultimately prays for his victory.
In the match, Orlando defeating Charles comes as victorious. Duke is quite happy with Orlando but upon learning that he is the son of Sir Rowland who was his rival, he becomes cold with Orlando.
When Duke goes away, Rosalind asks pardon to Orlando for the rude behaviour of Duke and gives him her necklace as a reward for his grand victory. Both fall in love with each other but do not express.
In the Forest
Later on Rosalind is considered to be a traitor by Duke and is ordered to leave the court. Celia being deeply devoted to Rosalind decides to accompany her in her banishment. They make preparations for flight. To avoid any humiliation, both of them disguise themselves.
Rosalind becomes a young forester namely Ganymede and Celia becomes a poor Shepherdess. Touchstone, the fool of the court also accompanies them. They advance towards the Forest of Arden, where banished father of Rosalind lives along with his followers.

We also meet banished Duke, the father of Rosalind who is appreciating the beauty of nature and telling that how nature has make him spiritually bold.
On the other hand, Orlando is informed about the fatal danger that has arisen because of his victory. He thus runs to the Forest of Arden in order to save his life. He is followed by Adam. On the way, Adam becomes starved with hunger and is unable to walk.
Orlando wanders in the forest for help and meets banished Duke who upon knowing the matter orders his servants to bring Adam to their place. Here Orlando is introduced to Duke Senior.
Being deeply in love with Rosalind, Orlando writes love verses on trees of the forest.
Rosalind learns about the presence of Orlando in the forest and desires to meet him. On meeting Orlando, Rosalind inquires about his love story and his beloved (who is of course she herself) for whom he has written ample of verses on the trees.
After knowing about the depth of his love for Rosalind and the condition of his love-sick heart, she offers to cure him.

She asks him to consider her (i.e. him, the Ganymede) Rosalind (though she is Rosalind in real) and to court her every day.  She tells him that she (as Ganymede) would act as Rosalind.
She will be fanciful, smiling, sorrowful, happy, imitative, tearful, naughty etc , and he will have to handle her in every situation. In this way, he will be cured of love-sick heart.
Orlando agrees and promises to return back within two hours. But he does not come. Rosalind becomes quite restless. She cannot bear solitude. While waiting for Orlando, she sees Oliver coming