Argumentative Essay

The grand final should be played at the MCG. It always has and deserves to stay that way. The grand final is a yearly tradition, just as Christmas and New Year are, you can’t bend tradition to suit other people. The Jews don’t let their beliefs interfere with Christmas for other people. The tradition of Honica is as important to them as Christmas is to Christian people. The MCG has the largest capacity, and considering the grand final is such a huge event, the largest capacity stadium should hold it. And finally, the MCC needs money to build the new stand, just the amount that the grand final brings in each year.

“Awful, awful, absolutely awful.” Wayne Jackson seams to believe that there would be no off-field winners if two interstate teams played the grand final at the MCG. But he seams top forget that the MCC has a contract until 2032, stating that one final every week of the finals series. So everyone involved, from spectators and supporters, to coaches and players, has come to know, and accept, the games being played at the MCG. The interstate teams where aware of the contract when they signed up to play AFL, so the rules shouldn’t be changed to suit their change of opinion.

The MCG is equipped to hold the largest number of spectators. Considering that the grand final is highest-ranked game held at the MCG, followed by the ANZAC Day clash between Collingwood and Essendon, this should convince any non-believers that if there are so many interstate supporters, the MCG is fully equipped to accommodate them.

There is controversy involving the ‘home ground advantage’, this is nonsense. Brisbane won last year at the MCG, which proves they can do it. And whether the spectators are few or many in numbers, it doesn’t change whether the team deserves to call itself the ‘best in the league’, or whether they’re going to have a cry over ‘home team advantage’.

Money is currently a concern at the MCC, if they don’t raise enough money for the new stand, the ticket prices could go up by up to $11. So by giving the interstate grounds the grand final, it’s the same as giving members and supporters a kick in the back. The MCC is confident they can raise the money they need from supporters at the grand final, not only from ticket sales, but also from merchandise and food, sold at the MCG. In giving away the grand final, the MCC might not be able to have the stand up and running for the cricket season or the other summer sports.

The MCG should hold the grand final. They have the contract, they need the money, and they have the capacity required. The MCC deserves a break to settle other issues, not concerned about an event that has been set in stone for so many years. If the MCG doesn’t hold the grand final, many supporters won’t attend games due to the evident rise in ticket prices. The interstate teams have no right to expect changes for their benefit when they joined the Victorian League. It was the VFL, Victorian Football League; they changed the name for their benefit. They shouldn’t need to change tradition.