By: Chris Ojeda

Argentina is a South American country with a population of thirty one
million people. Argentina\'s capital is Buenos Aires, which is one of the largest
cities in South America. Buenos Aires is situated on the coast of Argentina,
which makes Buenos Aires a major trade route in Argentina and in South America.
Argentina\'s national language is Spanish and the major religion is Roman
Argentina is a country with much natural beauty. It has miles of
beautiful beaches and is also surrounded by the majestic Andes mountains. The
Andes mountains are among the highest mountains in the world. Argentina\'s
tallest mountain is the Cerro Aconcagua. This mountain reaches an amazing
height of 22,200 ft. America\'s tallest mountain only reaches the height of
20,000 ft.
Argentina has a huge industrial and agricultural base. Argentina has a
large amount of natural resources which includes copper, silver, coal, iron ore,
uranium and petroleum. Argentina is the #1 copper producer in the world.
Argentina also produces huge amounts of coal and is self sustained in petroleum
Argentina also grows much more food than it consumes. Its main crops
include wheat, tobacco and cattle. Argentina ranks 3rd in the world among wheat
exporters, right behind the United States and Canada. Argentina is also one of
the largest tobacco exporters as well.
Argentina\'s large industrial and agricultural base makes it one of the
richest countries in South America. With its rich history and its beautiful
mountains and beaches, not to mention its wonderful Spanish culture, Argentina
is a very special place to visit in South America.

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