Are we at War?

Social/Political Issues

April 15, 2004

The question has come up during discussions on foreign policy whether or not the United States is currently at war in Iraq. Although the message being sent out to the general public is that we are not at war and that everything is currently o.k., I feel that we are very much still at war. April of 2004* has seen the greatest death per day average since the opening month of the war back in March of 2003. Not only that but the most Americans have died this month (April) then any other month and the month is only 2/3 over. So if the war is over, why are Americans dieing at such a large rate?

On Saturday, fourteen American soldiers died and four more yesterday in an ambush. Eighteen people died over the weekend, but apparently they were just vacationing around Baghdad because there isn’t a war going on over there. We might not be dropping bombs and firing missiles but we are still shooting guns, taking hostages and causing a disturbance in another country. Some argue that the way the United States views war and the way other’s do are on two different sides of the spectrum. I agree with this only because we are such a huge force militarily. It is kind of like the 5th grade bully getting in trouble for fighting with a 3rd grader, when all he did was push him down. Sure the bully could have pummeled him but chose weaker tactics to send a message with out the same damage, but the presence and threat were still there so he was to blame none-the-less. So in some eyes, we could be burying Iraq as a country by dropping bombs until there is nothing left standing and because we aren’t, we must not be in a war.

I believe our presence is necessary in Iraq because some of the residents there are a threat to our way of living as-well-as others’ around the world. Let’s just not lie about the fact that there is a war still going on there even if it is lower-scale then normal wartime activities. Lieing does seem to be a common practice these days of George Bush and his administration. He does need to have an image of security and competency for the American people to stand behind him and as president he will always be under the microscope by those whom are against him, but there have been a handful of lies or mistruths if you will that he has made public.

Iraq\'s bio-chemical and nuclear weapons program is possibly the biggest question mark in the heads of simple Americans like myself. A year after using his 2003 State of the Union address to show Iraq\'s allegedly huge arsenal of WMD as a grave threat to the United States and the world, Bush wisely avoided mentioning anything about uranium there, though he did spend a great deal of his latest State of the Union address defending the war on the grounds that "had we failed to act, the dictator\'s weapons of mass destruction programs would continue to this day." I have to believe that there were WMD in Iraq at some point. Bush looked pretty bad not finding any and I don’t think he would have left himself open to this scenario.

Soldiers are dieing, we have thousands of troops in another country causing a disturbance and we are spending billions of dollars on “The War on Terror” so until these three things change for the better or discontinue to exist, it is in my opinion that we are still fighting a war in Iraq.

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