Application Essay

To be quite frank, verbs are highly overrated. Everyone loves verbs because they are the easiest to remember. Throw a preposition at someone and they are liable to get all flustered. So they take the easy way out and imprint verbs into their soggy little heads. What about adjectives? Could it be that people fail to appreciate such a vital part of speech because they don’t come with all the glitz and glamour of verbs?

A single word is an amazing thing. The English language boggles my mind; we are able to take these squiggles and form letters that form words that symbolize ideas and feelings and entities. The single word is the root to everything. But it is only one link. Why choose a single link to hold you in place when you can have the entire chain?

There is a point to this rambling. I do not choose a single verb to hang over my pseudo-desk. I choose a phrase.

That phrase is “count to three and grin”. I do not want to sound cheesy or sentimental, but this small group of words reminds me of who I am, and who I want to be. It has memories connected to it of people I’ve known, places I’ve been, things I’ve seen. These are what shape me. Myself summed into five monosyllabic words. It is humbling.

In addition to the deep side, the phrase has practical usage as well. Any time I lose my temper or get very frustrated (which is bound to happen as I imagine that hypothetical desk work can be very tedious), I can look up at the sign, take a breath, and put thing into perspective. It is a calming phrase in its purest form.

There you have it. You know what I choose and why I do so. What you don’t know is that I cannot put into words what that stupid little phrase means for my future. There is no way to describe how it holds shape for everything I want to be, everything I desire for myself.

There is something about creation that intrigues me. When I make something, when I work on graphics, when I design or code or write. I wish I never dropped basic art class. I wish I still had the ability to draw. I wish I could play my guitar halfway decently. I wish I had an unlimited budget to blow on supplies and creations. I wish my dad would let me use the table saw. But it okay as long as I count to three and grin.

The more I think about it, the useful people in the world create.

I want to be useful.