Anthology: Globalization

English Composition II


Whether we like it or not, the process of globalization will re-structure the way the world functions as of today. Being such a big change in different factors, such as in the economical, cultural, social, and political fields, its of critical importance for everyone to know what is this globalization that everyone is talking about. As we know the globalization process in not a new concept to our minds, but do we really know the effects and consequences of globalization and which are the countries that will benefit and which are the ones that are going to be worst off. Having so much information available in the world, why should you trust me? . Studies certify me as an expert on the topic. I’ve been in university debates about this topics, read several books and articles in the top magazines in economical and political issues in the world, such as: Foreign Affairs, The economist, Newsweek, articles of the academy of high studies of the armed forces of Ecuador. I have been following economic and political studies since 1994 and I have made several researches on every major economical group in the world and its impact on the world. The following anthology will hopefully make the readers understand why is it important to understand what are we getting into and the consequences that is going to bring to the countries of economic passive insertion such as the Latin American countries and those of marginal economies such as the sub-Saharan countries in Africa.

Poem: Globalized hunger

The market was full, shelf to shelf,

Fully stocked with products in a strange language.

Pedro came in, but he could not understand what the people were saying;

They all spoke gibberish to him.

He looked for the bananas, but he couldn’t find them, nor had the greens to pay them,

Everything was in tin containers brought from distant lands.

The banana fields in the country were empty,

22 strong men were playing soccer in an improvised court, next to the dead banana trees,

they were playing when the sun was at the highest place in the sky,

Watching, in a shack, a mother,

Carrying its scrawny new-born covered in a stars and stripes mantel,

Flies in his mouth and hot air in its tummy.

Guayaquil -Ecuador

Editorial: Globalization for the ugly side.

Globalization, it’s a process of breaking down barriers all over the world, in order to have a common market, where every product will compete individually without any backing or help. One thing is to have the concept in paper and another is what is really happening in the world. Many people are being fooled that globalization is good for every economy and that they will compete in a perfectly honest economical environment, but it’s not true. There are many restrictions to a real globalization that is making the powerless or developing countries have a dark future. The United States have many times used economical issues and turned into political issues, 2 things that should not linked at all, used it as a way of political pressure. We can go back only one year ago to remember the ATPA trade agreement that USA had with all of the Andean community, as we didn’t have the power then and we certainly do not have the power now, we had to give in to any concession that the “superior powers” ask of us. We can go back as little as 6 months ago to remember the threats imposed by the USA and its war lemma: “Either you are with US or against us”. The last 500 years, Latin America has been mislead into disfavoring political and economical agreements in which we knew that we had to agree, we’ve always assumed the win-lose negotiation in which we all know which side we are. Globalization will furthermore increase our inability to create political pressure against those threatening us, being that countries or multinationals. As local political power can only made abiding laws inside of the boundaries of its territory and external entities are not considered to be under the orders of the hosting countries, they will be a immune industry to any law or power. If we go back in time, we can remember the tragic event that the Dutch oil enterprise “Shell” set up in