All over the world there are teen girls suffering from anorexia. Anorexia is a common problem with young teen girls. Anorexia is like a disease that takes time to recover from. It causes many problems for teens physically and emotionally. "Teens become anorexic because they want to stay young and thin [ Jones, Derek p.34]." "Many anorectics start their starvation with a very rigid diet and then become obsessed with losing weight [ Claypool, Jane p.56]." .Their health becomes so damaged and malnutritioned from not eating. There are many places that an anorexic can get help from. For examples there are special hospitals they can stay at until they can get better and start eating again. There are also counselors and therapists who are ready to help whenever you may need it. Anorexia also affects your family and friends. When you have an anorexic problem your friends and family hate to see you starving yourselves and damaging your health. Your family ands friends also hate to see you stressed out and depressed.
Anorexia is a very serious problem most teens have. Some teens become anorexic because they want to look like all he super models. These days on television all we see is models, that wear a size one saying that if you look like this, then your sure to be beautiful and popular. That just makes girls want to look like that because every where we turn we see clothes that will only look good on skinny people. This makes teens think their fat and want to lose weight fast and will do whatever they need to do to lose weight, which they would become anorexic. Teens think that if they don’t lose weight that they will be nobody and everybody will make fun of them. "Many anorectics try to be perfect, popular, and thin [ Claypool, Jane p.56]." All girls think their fat even if their skinny and they think if they starve themselves and not eat anything then they will lose weight. In our society television has promoted the notion that physical perfection is important and that our appearance defines the kind of person each of us is [Pipher, Mary p.37]." Teens have to know that that’s not true at all and that they should be happy with the way they look. Another thing that usually causes anorexia is stress. Stress plays a big role in teens life and it causes them to do things they wouldn’t normally do, for example become anorexic. Some teens are so stressed out from problems at home and about their weight that they don’t want to eat anymore. Sometimes when teens are stressed and their whole life is changing they think the only thing they can control is their weight and so they stop eating. Anorexia is such a serious problem that it also affects your health in a major way, it causes serious problems. The problems it causes are, damages to your heart and kidney, malnutrition because if u don’t eat enough your body doesn’t get enough nutrition. The problems are so serious that they may lead to death. Anorexia doesn’t just let u lose weight it causes many problems to your body. It also causes more emotional problems which leads to depression. So if you think that anorexia is a solution to your weight problems then your wrong because it only causes more problems.
Anorexia is something that you can fight if you get help as soon as possible. There are many special places where you can get help. There are special anorexic hospitals where you can stay as long as it takes to gain back the weight you lost, and get back your normal eating habits. There are not just hospitals that you can get help at but there are counselors that you can talk to and that can help. "You should also get a doctor check up as soon as possible because your body may be affected from malnutrition [ Jones, Derek p.57]." When you are trying to get better from anorexia you should do something good for yourself, so you can feel good about yourself. Another thing that you should do to try to get better is to keep track of the weight that you need to gain