Anarchy, coming from the greek term meaning "without government", is the political
theory that society does not need a government to run the country or any governmental fundings
(although robbing them of what they robbed us wouldn\'t hurt).
Many people believe that anarchy is a horrible and impossible way of living, stating that
anarchism would leave us vulnerable to criminals and terrorists. This may be because of the
terroristic methods that anarchists have taken to reach their ultimate goal. The terroristic
anarchism movement came under the leadership of Mikhail Bakunin in the 1800\'s, and have
continued with most individual anarchists and anarchist groups. I admit, there are some
vulnerabilities to anarchism, yet nothing that couldn\'t be avoided by taking the nessecary
Religion, although in most cases wouldn\'t matter, is still a major factor in a society of
anarchy. If a community is filled with religous people where the religion is full of good intentions
and peace, the community will hold up considerably well. If a community is filled with religous
people following a religion with bad intentions and hate, it may turn out two ways under the
circumstances. Everyone could intentionally harm eachother due to the bad intentions, or
everyone within the community could be peaceful to eachother due to the fact they all follow the
same religion.
There are many different ways of anarchism. It could be that the country is seperated
into towns purely helping out the town and occasionally interacting with other neighboring towns,
or that it is like it is today.
Other types of governmental systems are not as free as anarchism. The idea of
democracy is relatively swell, but governments today form and mold it to their own likings.For
instance, in a certain state, a shock rock band known today as Marilyn Manson is prohibited from
holding a concert there, which the law itself should be prohibited due to the constitution and its
right of "Free Speech". Also, even though the American government today is supposedly not
allowed to have influence upon religions, there are at least three cases in which they refer to
God (Christian), the Pledge of Allegiance, dollar bill and coin currency, and the swearing of truth
in courts of law. In the pledge of allegiance, I quote, "One nation, under God", in the dollar bill
and coinage, I quote, "In God we trust", and in the swearing of the truth, I quote (in most cases),
"Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you God?"
These are simply examples of the power governments have and often abuse. Communism runs
bussinesses like a clock. No one is allowed to make more money than their equal co-workers
even if their co-workers are slacking off while you are working to your limit. Monarchy includes
kings, queens, and czars who have limited powers set by a legislative group. Dictatorship is like
monarchy but with unlimited powers for the ruler. Now, with any type of government, things will
change. Now matter how it is at one point, the government will form itself into another type of
government with different rules and laws.


No one really knows where the theory of anarchy originates, nor it\'s international symbol,
the circled "A", although there have been reports of an anarchist militia member in the Spanish
Civil War with a clearly inscribed circled A on the back of his helmet.
Anarchism dates back long ago with legends of countries of a "golden age" which
preceded goverenments, and has also appeared among early Christian groups.
Pierre Joseph Proudhon, a frenchman also known known as "The Father of Anarchism",
started the first anarchism mass movement, urging the voluntary cooperation of men without any
regulation or government.
As time passed, the power of anarchism has declined, yet played a role in the Spanish
Civil War, and recently entered Albania.
In Albania, the government corrupted completely due to rebel attacks. It is now in
complete ruins with theives and murderers running the streets. In one area, a few people tried to
open a bombshell for it\'s gunpowder, used unwise methods and the bomb exploded, as well as
the bombs around it. Obviously, this is not a country with willing, voluntary people working to
restore order without government.