My graph shows that the best location to live would be number 8. It has the best scores on the environmental surveys. It slowly got better as we moved down the transect, but this does not mean that the first location that was the worst, this is because all of the surroundings have been redeveloped and updated. It was actually Westbury Street that brought the worst results, this seems like the central area of Thornaby, and this is shown by its multicultural surroundings i.e. the Mosque. All the way down Westbury Street from Peel Street to Thorntree Road there is a lot of graffiti on walls and shops and large amounts of litter on the roadsides. As we walked down Westbury Street we also found that there wasn’t a single garden, this was an indication that this area is part of the old Thornaby, we also noticed that there is not much green areas for recreational purposes, as we move off of Westbury Street and crossover Lanehouse Road we find a large group of buildings which contains of two schools, a youth centre and a church, which is all surrounded by recreational areas such as football pitches. There is a lot of graffiti and the land is not very well looked after. I found that there are a few more houses have gardens yet they still weren’t looked after very well, we then crossed over Northumberland Road and proceeded down into Thorntree Road where there was more gardens. Right in the centre of Thorntree Road we came to a parade of shops, where Thorntree Road meets Humber Road. The shops were all new buildings and new shops. Opposite the shops where there used to be a small field they have made some new flats for the elderly. From here to Milbank Lane the houses get larger and more expensive and the gardens are better preserved. When we get past the shops and carry on walking down Thorntree road we come to the next set of houses which are a lot bigger and the gardens are all well persevered and cared for. The walls are clean and the sun penetration is better. There is plenty of greenery and there is hardly any rubbish at all in the streets. In conclusion, the route didn’t follow the expected hypothesis because of re-development of the houses at the beginning of the war. They have been re-developed because of their old, run down appearance. This is the only reason that the hypothesis is incorrect.