Analysing The Relationship Between John And Elizabeth Proctor.

Some Puritans remained in England, determined to continue the struggle to reform the Church of England rather than abandon it.

In losing the Puritans felt that they had lost their chief method of restraining arbitrary royal power. They appointed anti-Puritan churchmen who became bishops of London. They appeared to be favouring the reintroduction of “Romish” practices in worship and belief.

And 1000 followers in 11 ships crossed America in 1630. The first wave of what became known as the “Great Migration”.

In their attitudes to daily life Puritans stressed strict moral standards, a strong sense of public duty and the responsibility of each individual for their own actions. Though they frowned on frivolous amusements like dancing or theatre and commended frugal living, they did not condemn wealth, and their hard work, high standards of education and shrewdness often made them wealthy indeed.

Authur Miller’s introductions to John Proctor are that he wants the audience to view him as being powerful, a man who chooses his own way of life. He wanted as to see that he wasn’t a “strong supporter of any faction in the town”, powerful bodied, even tempered and wasn’t easily led. John proctor has a troubled soul and he is a sinner.

Proctor is respected and feared in Salem but “has come to regard himself as a kind of fraud”. This introduction creates expectation in the audience and they are curious to see him at this point.

My first impression of John Proctor was that he was insulting, and aggressive. “Why shall I pay you? I am looking for you more often than my cows!” He is also severe. The audience have heard that John Proctor is having an affair with a girl called Abigail Williams, and that Abigail dislikes Elizabeth Proctor. He is also embarrassed by the affair that he had behind his wife’s back. But he went to see Abigail; Abigail tries to seduce John Proctor by asking him to “Give her a word. A soft word”. Proctor tries to tell her that it is over, and that he does not have any of her. But she still insists on their love and how John loved her and still does. Even when Elizabeth dismissed her from the Proctors house, “she saw John’s face, he still loved her”, she said. At this point John Proctor is definite.

Elizabeth Proctor does not appear in Act 1 but her husband appears a lot in this Act. But Abigail has mentioned her, about when Elizabeth dismissed her from the house. That makes an impression that Elizabeth Proctor is harsh and expressive. But Abigail’s views on Elizabeth are prejudice because she calls her a witch. Abigail mentions Elizabeth as being a wicked woman. So the audience would probably dislike Elizabeth due to Abigail’s false views towards her

Elizabeth is seen having a conversation with John at the beginning of Act 2. At this stage Elizabeth is very suspicious after John came home late from the fields. John asked if the children were asleep, and Elizabeth tries to make him feel guilty by saying that they are nearly asleep. What Elizabeth is trying to impose is that he does not even have time to see his children.

Also at the beginning of Act 2, John arrived home form the fields, while Elizabeth was tucking the kids in bed. He went to the kitchen and he tasted the food that Elizabeth had prepared, he smelt it, took the ladle and tasted it. He wasn’t very pleased with the taste, and then he added a pinch of salt. He then heard Elizabeth coming and he quickly covered the pot. When they were eating at the table John was giving praises to Elizabeth about her cooking, although he was lying. He was probably saying this so he could cheer her up.

This shows that in their relationship there is no sort of openness or truth. I would sympathize with Elizabeth because her husband had an affair behind her back; he is not being open and honest to Elizabeth even over little things like cooking. Authur Miller is saying that openness plays a very big role in relationships or marriages.

Mary Warren was attending a court case and she came home weeping about Goody Osburn being hanged.

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